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referee shirts

In application of article 15 and in the respect of the dimensions specified in this article, the equipment manufacturer for arbitrators can place an advertisement on the referee shirts, the pants and the bottom.

All of the arbitrators and the arbitrators Wizards of the FIFA appearing on the international list must bear the holding of the official supplier of the FIFA only for matches of a FIFA competition (see article 1, paragraph 1).referee shirts  In addition, all officials of the FIFA are obliged to wear the equipment of the official supplier of the FIFA at all friendly matches between teams of member associations at all levels (i.e. that the Tracksuit of FIFA must be used).

The badge FAIR-PLAY, distributed to all the arbitrators and to all the arbitrators Wizards of the FIFA appearing on the international list, must be worn on the left sleeve of the shirt when all the matches of the FIFA competitions

The advertising of the sponsor is strictly prohibited on the outfit worn by the official matches in all FIFA competitions. This provision also applies to matches played by national teams under the auspices of the confederations, and the friendly matches played between national teams.


In club competitions organized under the auspices of the confederations and in competitions organized at the domestic level by the associations, confederations and associations concerned may authorize the advertising of the sponsor on the jerseys worn by the official matches.referee shirts Any advertising for tobacco products, to gaming establishments (casinos) and alcohol is strictly prohibited, just as the slogans of nature’s political, racist or religious.

Advertising is permitted only on the sleeves of the swimsuits and the total surface area of the advertising must not exceed 200 cm² (two hundred square centimeters).  The front of the swimsuits is reserved for official badges and the emblem of the FIFA or of the association, and must not wear advertising of any kind. The advertising is also prohibited on the neck or the back of the shirt.

The advertising of the sponsor on the sorts of official matches is allowed only if it does not create a conflict of interest with the advertising scope by the two competing teams.referee shirts In case of conflict of interest, the official matches will not advertising of the sponsor.

The emblem or badge of the member association may appear only once on the shirt, once on the breeches and once on each bottom.

The emblem must be deposited with the FIFA and must not contain any identification of the manufacturer, or advertising of sponsor, or design elements, or other elements.

The emblem may be printed, embroidered or sewn under a form of a badge.

The emblem of the club may take any form provided you comply with the dimensions and the following locations:

A) Bikini area: 100 cm² (one hundred square centimeters) in front of the shirt, on the height of the chest

B) Pants: 50 cm² (fifty square centimeters) on the front of the right leg or left

C) Low: 50 cm² (fifty square centimeters) by bottom free choice of the location

The emblem may also be embroidered in jacquard on the bikini area and/or shorter.referee shirts The pattern, color jacquard must be the same as that of the bikini line on which it appears. Furthermore, it must not dominate or submit of contrasting color, nor provoke the confusion between the outfits. The name of the member association (see article 12), the official symbol of the member association (see article 13) or the national flag (see article 14) may also be embroidered in jacquard.

The emblem of the member association should not affect other elements of the held identifying the player and referee shirts(e.g. the number of the player).


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