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soccer rebounder

The goal in football is a rectangular frame 7 meters 32 wide by 2 meters 44 high, defended by a goalkeeper you will find in this article soccer rebounder reviews.

To the rear, a net is put in place to prevent the bale to continue its stroke once entry for the purpose. At the beginning of each meeting, the arbitrator is required to check the mesh size of the net in order to be assured that the ball cannot go elsewhere than between the poles.

The repair surface (an area in which the guardian is allowed to touch the ball to all parts of his body)build soccer rebounder extends over 16 meters 50 in front of the goal (in width, there are 16 meters 50 on both sides).

The goals are placed at the center of each goal line. They are composed of two vertical uprights (posts) amounting to equal distance of flags of corner and connected in their summit by a transverse bar. The poles and the cross bar must be in wood, metal or in another agreed. They can be in the form of a square, rectangular, circular or elliptical and must not in any case present a danger to the players. The distance between the inside of the two poles is about 7.32 m and the lower edge of the transverse bar is located at 2.44 m from the ground. The poles and the bar must have the same width and the same thickness, which must not exceed 12 inches. The goal line must in addition have the same width as the poles and the cross bar. Nets can be attached to the goals and on the ground behind the goal, however, to the condition that they be properly supported in order not to interfere with the goalkeeper. The poles and the cross bar must be white in color.

The regulation of football sets the dimensions of the goals. A goal is constituted by two vertical posts joined together by a transverse bar. To be two standards:

- The distance between the inner edges of the 2 amounts is 7.32 meters.
- The distance between the lower edge of the crossbar and the ground is 2.44 meters tekk soccer rebounder.
- The 2 amounts and the crossbar must be white in color and have the same thickness of 12 centimeters.
- The goal line between the 2 amounts must have the same thickness as the amounts (12 cm).

The goal marked or soccer rebounder goal

A goal is marked when the ball has completely crossed the goal line,soccer wave between the amounts of the purpose and under the crossbar, provided that no infringement of the laws of the game has been previously committed by the team in favor of which a purpose will have been marked. We can also brand against his camp.

- Goal marked directly without having been touched by a player tekk trainer
- Kick-off
- Kick of purpose (in the opposing goal)
- Kick of repair (penalty)
- Direct free kick (against the opposing team)
- On a corner kick (corner)

Purpose refused

Examples of refusal of purpose:

- If the ball has crossed the goal line is punctured.
- If the ball has been fired by a player in an offside position reported kwik goal.
- On indirect kick (act XIII)
- On direct free kick, when the player kicks the free kick in his own goal (act XIII)
- On ball to land (Act VIII)
- On a direct key (act XV)
- On corner kick against his camp (act XVII)
- On kick goal against his camp (Act XVI)
- If the referee declared before the ball does not penetrate into the purpose

Victorious Team

The team that will have marked the highest number of goals during the match won the victory. When the two teams score the same number of goals or do mark no goal, the match is declared null,sports authority and may be followed by extensions.
Regulations of the competitions

For the games ending on a zero score, and the regulations of the competitions may provide the provisions relating to an extension (2 periods of 15 minutes in more, but with a half-time extremely reduced) or to other procedures approved by the International F. A. Board for determining the winner of the match (we could quote including the rules of the golden goal, that is to say that the victory is offered to the first team that mark during two periods of 15 minutes each (conventional extension) or that of the silver goal soccer rebounder (if a team takes the advantage during the first period of the extension without that there is elk then the team which led to the end of this first period of extension Is declared winner).


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