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how to coach soccer

It is the symbol of a Milan champion of Italy 2010/2011 in constant evolution and how to coach soccer. In relation to the early season, the club was enriched by this coach disregarded dexterous to explore new tactical solutions which have developed the offensive potential of the team without him at unnecessary risk. The Milan of Allegri can be summed up in one idea: talent and balance.

The conversation, very pleasant, could not be condensed into a single article; we have summarized the meeting with the coach of Milan. Massimiliano Allegri, during more than one hour to Milanello, opened and spoke of everything, not just the team first. He also discussed the young industry,soccer 101 noting the real importance of the ideas that are at the base of the football, and then is gone regain its troops for a practical implementation:

In area in individual

"How the Milan brand? » 

"In the 16m50 the Milan brand in individual,how to coach high school soccer it cannot be otherwise. Of course, in a week we train the diagonals defensive, are working on the idea of marking and coverage, but in the

16M50 it takes man-to-man and we do not lose."

Is it that you work not bad on the marking?

Certainly, it is too important ". And this should also be true for the young people: it is not conceivable that there

Taught the zone, but that we are not working on how to mark the opponent. He thinks the paradox:how to coach soccer for 5 year olds the line moves to perfection, but the man escapes which remains only before the doorman."


"The reference, when we are in the area, this is not the ball, it is the man. We pay attention to the position of the ball, but it is the man our reference not to lose. Certainly, if the ball is opposite side,how to coach soccer to 8 year olds the defender has the duty to tighten toward the center and leave the man in his back. If there is a center, we have all the time to read the trajectory and anticipate the opponent."

Have fun in freedom

The Sun...

I millionaire came up to the category U 17, first we played man against man. Young people must have fun, play freely to express their quality. They must be aware of the lines of play, but the talent is better expressed without too many links. And then, the boys arrive on the ground after a morning in the classroom: mathematics, Italian, history and Latin,how to coach soccer to 4 year olds commerce or accounting records, if we start to harass them with many concepts, it is obvious that when they discover not to be able to become players of Series TO, they stop."

By against?

"The sport is health. In Italy we have a high rate of obesity and the latter is not a good sign. We cannot

Not spend the afternoon at home to play with the lodicules, me with the friends; I spent the entire day to pursue the ball. I was a fan of Platini, who was not the fastest player or with the age who will be visiting physical force, but he was the most intelligent."


His greatness was to know how to read the game in advance as compared to all: before receiving the ball, he already knew who he was going to go and how. He played in knowing what he was going to do, wonderful.

And he executed the technical gesture of sublime way. In the sectors, young people who must teach?

The one who plays football, who knows hit the ball. The young person learns the technical gesture thanks also to the visual memory: he sees you hit and it task to imitate, to repeat the model. There are, of course, the corrections to be made, but who better than the footballer who has already done, is able to understand the fault and fix it?"

My Tactic

Sometimes, however, there is an exaggeration with the tactic!

"I do not like to do with the tactics of overshot manner, but I think to an opposition, there is everything: dribbling, a sports TV program on, center, technical, oriented control, the conduct of the bale, marking, to coach soccer to 6 year olds The maximum, with all the players who are having fun and working at a high intensity because to person, from 3 to 100 years, he does not like to lose."

For young people this would be the ideal.

If you dragged the possession of bale certainly, with the opponents who want to intercept the pass, thou must arrive to shoot at goal, to finalize. Without forgetting that in the oppositions they learn the time of the games and the time of differentiation,how to coach soccer for dummies the tips are the movements that Sunday they repave in the match... ";

Play in vertical

Massimiliano everything seems very linear, simple...

I have already said ": in football the ideas are important, when thou hast learned the ideas you can do anything. Especially, if thou know read the situations that come to create, in match thou shalt know always how to get out of the best possible way for you and the team."

How behaves Allegri during workouts? For example thou participles to the oppositions?

"I observed, I do not break the game continuity. I rise if there was not the intensity just, but this rarely occurs. It pleases me to pay attention to the time of the game, to how to differentiate themselves: this is a work which when it is well done on Sunday, paid!

What is this that thou requests with a certain insistence?

The game in vertical is the more difficult, but it is without a doubt the most effective: if thou know play in vertical thou know play football. And then, if you put the ball in the back of the defenders, they cannot make nitty-gritty... Back is easier."

What they are the exercise that thou favorite propose?

It is my pleasure to work with five who defend against eight or ten attackers. To the line of four is characterized the team and the history of Milan, during the exercises I added a half who parked centrally and worked on the trajectories in seeking to intervene or direct the game."

Iberia and Rino...

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a dominant drills It is a synonym for the title of champion...

"Ibra is simply exceptional, for us it is fundamental, and it feels important for the team and this implies even more. At Milan he has transmitted its character, its wickedness sporting, the envy of always win. After the match in Madrid he said to me: "I just play better... ", he told me Palau because it was resounding to touch and sensitivity. To the point that now I have spoken to the man, the footballer is under the eyes of all: in

Area of 16m50 Ibra is not bendable elementary, but it is also good when it moves to the side to create spaces for the insertion of the partners. And there is then the time in which it is placed in front, it has given the bale, it the wishes and it fact fit our team... "

Massimiliano, what thing you say to the boys of the youth sector?

"Rino Gattuso, 33 years ago, the World Champion in Germany, at Milan since 2000, he has won the World Club, two Champions pruned, the Supercoppa, the title of world champion and many other things that I forget,how to coach soccer but at the end of the drive all alone he worked his technique. Is it that I must add something else? ".


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