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offsides in soccer

The act of out-game has been amended by the International Football Association Board (IFAB) by adding a key point which will debate. Its application is a challenging prospect.offsides in soccer The question now will be whether the ball has been played by the defender or not.

If there is a fundamental rule in football, it is the one of the off-game. We do not account more the actions negated by a position off-farm (valid or not elsewhere), the defenders stopping of play to claim to the arbitrator of key to lift its flag, the attackers I fumed helplessly that they were well aligned ¦ This act of out-game symbolizes the difficulty of assessment in real time owing to the referee.offsides in soccer It is well party to last.

how to explain offsides in soccer to kids

To facilitate the decision-making of the arbitrators, the International Football Association Board (IFAB), the organization in charge of regulations in the football, has decided to make some changes to the Act XI,offsides in soccer following the guidelines of the FIFA. Among the changes decided in March and applicable for the month of July, a key point made debate.offsides in soccer fifa In the new texts, it is stipulated that a player who does not dispute the flask to his opponent will not sanction if the defender missed his intervention, even when it would be in an offside position.

"Take advantage of its position" and "In him competing for the ball": the words that change everything

There are three conditions for the attacker either reported off-game: if he "intervenes in the game", "interfering with an opponent" or "derives an advantage from its position of off-game" (refer to the text of the FIFA).  It is on the last two points that the IFAB has made changes. The text says exactly "that interfere with his opponent means prevent an opponent to play or be in a position to play the ball in impeding clearly his vision of the game, or squabbling over him the ball."offsides in soccer The other addition is the notion of deliberate intervention or not of the defender. It is the latter which determines if the attacker pulled or non-advantage of its position. This means that, from now on,offsides in soccer explained a player in an offside position who receives a balloon voluntarily played by his opponent is no longer reported off-game if he is already defeated the marking.

offsides in soccer video

How to assess if a player has already subtracted to its marking? "If it is located at a distance of more than a meter and fifty centimeters of his opponent", we were told by an official of the URBASFA, the Belgian federation, which has put online two documents (a note and a video) to clarify this new rule. Even if the defender lack his intervention in wanting to cut the past after having felt the attacker ready to plunge into his back, if it (the attacker) is not directly to the duel with him at the time of the outbreak of the past, there will be more off-game. On the other hand, a player will remain judge in position off-game if,offsides in soccer located behind the defense at the time at which the ball to him is address, he disputed the flask to his opponent,soccer rules he took advantage of a ball deflected by a defender or of a judgment of the guardian that would allow him to retrieve the ball.

A puzzle for the arbitrators?

This new regulation of the off-game, intended to facilitate the task of the arbitrators, could on the contrary lead to the further confusion. Throughout the week, the twittosphere has discussed the relevance and meaning of this new rule, to which various interpretations have been positions The decision of the adjudicator to judge if the attacker is at a respectable distance or not of the defender and that he does not dispute the ball will necessarily be subject to interpretation.offsides in soccer Requested by phone and by e-mail,offsides in soccer deflection FIFA has not responded to our request for clarification of this new rule which, interpreted in the extreme, constitutes a kind of encouragement to the number 9 all over the world to play the carrot. If, of course, they remain forbidden to see poster in the surface, pending the past partners, they can always rely on a fact of the game or an error of defender to find them in one-on-one with the keeper.


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