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Soccer coach

The role of the coach

The important role of the teacher is fundamental in the evolution of the young footballer. Many human qualities are essential for the "height" of the child.

The educator must be a passionate teacher, competent and exemplary in his behavior. His message is always educational. It should be a unifying with an adaptation and organizational capacity. Always listening to young people, he gets the confidence of derniers.Sa jurisdiction must continually seek to enrich themselves by a desire to learn and a continuous updating of knowledge.
The teacher loves football and values ​​that seek to convey his best players.

Soccer coach2

The priorities:

The main objective of teacher training is to help clubs to organize their technical support. Mentoring and coaching in operation or competition in each age category require specific knowledge and skills as pedagogically and in terms of teaching or training content.

As a result, districts offer training tailored to the supervision of different youth and adult audiences. They offer different links in the path to be followed in the industry qualifications and a description of various courses organized by the league and the district.


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