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Soccer coaching

Stage One soccer coaching - Warm-up:

With the keeper in a large goal, the coach lines up with soccer balls 35 yards out. The coach serves balls to the goalie such that the ball is slowing down 12-15 yards away from the keeper.

The coach serves the balls at different angles so the goalie can make decisions as to which balls are within their range and which are not.

Coaching Points:

• Drive the hands to the ball;football coaching make a barrier along the ground for as long as possible you are late if you are not horizontal when the shot is taken

• Spread the body to cover as much area as possible, with legs and arms slightly bent to protect the body

• Time the run to the ball so that momentum is still strong when the keeper meets the ball in order to go “through the save, not just make the save”

• Keep head/face behind the “window” that the forearms create

• Keep the body between the ball and the goal. Do not loop the run



Stage Two - Game-Related Saves:

Here there are two or three players serving as attacking players. In the beginning stage,soccer coaching the coach plays serves that are 60/40 in favor of the keeper, then serves 50-50 balls and finally serves that are 40-60 balls with the attackers in control.


• Players have no more than two touches to get the shot off

• A chasing/recovering   defender can be added to create a more realistic “game pace.” Emphasize the same technical coaching points as in Stage I

Coaching Points:

• The goalkeeper must possess a “next touch is mine” mentality

• Goalkeepers must commit themselves to save the breakaway when it is a 50-50 ball or better in their favor

• This decision should be made as soon as the player coaching jobs touches the ball

 • If the ball is more in the attacker’s favor, or when they have control, the keeper should simply close down the angle and be set for a shot or be ready for the next touch

• When you commit, call “KEEPER!”

• The biggest problems for goalkeepers are: lack of patience,soccer coaching committing to balls them cannot get and charging out to make a breakaway save when the attacker clearly is in control of the ball

• If goalkeepers are patient and wait for the touch that they can pounce on,soccer coaching drills it will slow play down and give teammates time to recover. An impatient keeper will speed play up and rarely result in defenders being able to recover to help

Small-sided Games for Breakaways: “Flying Changes”


• Two equal teams

• Two goalkeepers in regulation goals

• 40 yards x 25 yards playing area

• Ample supply of balls

• This game can be played from 1 v. 1 to 4 v. 4

Coach starts play with a ball to one team. Both teams then try to win the ball and shoot on goal. If there is a score or the ball goes over the end line, the attacker stays to defend and a new opposing attacker comes on with the coaching jobs There should be plenty of breakaway situations presented in this game.

Coaching Points:

• Same as in Stages I and II, both technically and tactically

• Watch for early decision-making and patience.

• Watch for approach angle to the ball and using the body as a soccer drills barrier for as long as possible behind the ball

Final Game: 8 v. 8 (with Goalkeepers) to Large Goals

The field is divided into three zones. In a restricted game for soccer coaching, the objective for the teams is to dribble into their attacking zone. Once that happens no defender can jobs  This creates obvious breakaway opportunities.

The training session finishes off with unrestricted action,coaching drills with the coach watching for breakaway opportunities and how they are handled by the goalkeepers.


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