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Soccer practice drills

The first point of this series of articles is combined with the one on the preparation technical-tactical. 4 Weeks centered on the maximal aerobic power and Soccer practice drills(with need to calculate the value of the VMA from one of the tests are the most known) as well as the speed portion.


In this article and in the following we will talk about the athletic preparation as an adjutant of the technical-tactic. We begin quickly with big words: "adjuvant", adjective little employee, meaning "for the purpose of helping, assistance ".soccer practice drills for u8 In medicine the term «adjuvant therapy" indicates a medical therapy accessory which supports the main. In football we find ourselves on this question is the same situation, in the sense that the athletic preparation must, or at least should, placing themselves as a means "adjuvant" toward the party techno-tactic. If we wanted to express the concept, as it is said "in simple words, ", we must always tender, well present to the spirit that we must create or athletes of half-substance or of sprinters, and still less of the rails of cast iron. But of footballers. Therefore, the main objectives of the athletic preparation must necessarily be the latter.

Defense" by copy»

Beyond this main concept, another thesis of basis is to consider that the meeting of athletic preparation must not constitute the "photocopy", that is to say again in terms of physiological impact, what is done or what will be in the meeting technical-tactical, but, on the contrary, must supplement the latter or add a type of work which the answer on compensatory would be impossible to achieve in the area of the drive with the ball.indoor soccer practice drills Always in this area, and with the same end, returning all the jobs of type preventive and/or conservatory tending to the support and optimize the job technically-tactic.
Periodization of the main objectives.

Give a priority objective, to continue in this first arc of time, as this will be valid during the course of the season, the optimization of the time to provision of amateur coaches are already limited, constitutes a choice substantially rational, the question which legitimately arises at this point might be: "Why seek to maximize the levels of aerobic power? ". The responses in such meaning could be numerous and without developing excessively me the synthetiserais in the following points:

"A good level of aerobic power constitutes a kind of "physiological warranty" of biological held in the confrontation with the phenomenon of fatigue; a good "power" allows you to postpone the physiological point of emergence of the fatigue; in methodological terms of programming, the drive for the maximal aerobic power, "if the wife" well with all the other ways to drive, even in the area of programming a temporally reduced as often this is verified with the amateur teams;upward soccer practice drills it does not need to infrastructure or equipment which can render difficult the concrete realization of the drive;
"It provides the basis on which can easily and efficiently be grafted to other means of work more specific.

Another question

Other possible and legitimate question: "the level of aerobic power can it not is in any way increased already sufficiently through the exercises with ball led to high intensity? »Let's argue the answer. The criteria for the achievement of VO ² max (and consequently of the VMA, maximum speed, aerobic)free soccer drills are substantially of four, that is to say:
"The obtaining of a "plateau" of consumption drastically-
"The attainment of 90-95% of FC theoretical maximum;
"The obtaining of QR (respiratory quotient) > of 1.1;
"The production of a quota of lactate > 8 Mol".

To obtain an improvement of the aerobic power, the strategy to adopt is very simple: to maintain the work to the inside of the parameters cited during the best time possible.

Now, it appears clear that, through exercises, technical-tactical and in a more general way,soccer drills for kids by the work with the ball, it is not possible to obtain a functional adaptation, in quantitative terms (i.e. Time spent in observance of the above parameters), comparable to the one accessible with a working classic athletic base on the stroke. For this reason, the program of athletic preparation should properly be a supplement to this that it is not possible gets through the part with the ball.

By observing that, in the case of three weekly workout sessions soccer passing drills(Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, as advised in the article techno-tactical) it is possible to propose a meeting of aerobic medium intensity in the first day, followed by a meeting athletic on the theme of the speed in the course of the third,soccer u12 drills by devoting the second day to the themes of technical-tactic. To obtain a solid basis of aerobic power,drills creating offense soccer he will have to repeat in the time the means to drive, in reintroducing in the course of the meso-cycle scale a drive which could be the following:

The first drive

First monthly meeting - 2 repetitions of 1000 meters; 2 repetitions of 800 meters; 2 repetitions of 600 meters. Total mileage: 4800 meters;
Second monthly meeting - 3 repetitions of 1000 meters; 2 repetitions of 800 meters; 2 repetitions of 600 meters. Total distance: 5800 meters.
Third monthly meeting - 2 repetitions of 1000 meters; 3 repetitions of 800 meters; 2 repetitions of 600 meters; 1 repetition of 400. Total distance: 6000 meters.
Fourth monthly meeting - 2 repetitions of 800 meters, 3 repetitions of 600 meters, 6 repetitions of 400 meters. Total distance: 5800 meters.

The second drive

As regards the possibility of a second meeting, turned toward the characteristics of speed and timeliness,soccer practice drills a possible schema could be the following:
• 5 ' of warm-up race to pace freely chosen;
• 3 Series for 15 " of stretching the biceps femoral;
• 3 Series of 15 "stretching for triceps sural, 15 seconds per leg;
• 3 Series of 15 " by leg to stretch the quadriceps femoral;
• Race is bouncing, 3 sets of 8 repetitions of hops (4 right - 4 to the left) - recovery by series 1 ';
"Skip, 3 series, each consisting of 20 passages, recovery between sets, 1 ';
"Skip (high variant), 3 series, each consisting of 20 passages, recovery between the series 1 ';
"Skip (low variant), 3 series, each consisting of 20 passages, recovery between the series 1 ';
• Rouse struck, 3 series, each consisting of 20 passages, recovery between the series 1 ';
"Sprint on 30 meters, 3 series, recovery of 30 "; Soccer practice drills
"Sprint on 20 meters, 3 series, recovering 1 ' 30 ";


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