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Soccer rules for kids

The progression organized the work of the trainer. This progression in soccer rules for kids, also known as route of training, is a result of the succession of intermediate objectives, prioritized, that must achieve the young players for access to the final objective.

The annual organization

The mastery of time is a constant concern of the educator: There is very little alternative but to plan the workouts with precision.

Without programming,basic rules of soccer for kids there is a great danger of not having the time to "finish the program "...

But this programming is indicative only. A progression too "tight", for example calculated on 35 working weeks, without taking into account the time necessary to balance sheets of knowledge,soccer rules for kids imponderables of all sorts, driven from the outset of a contract not held. We must therefore develop the possibilities of adjustment in the course of the season.

To design an annual programming, there are several things to take into account:

The cutting of the season

Cutting the most convenient,soccer rules for kids positions which is best suited to the rhythms of the players, is one who is seated on the school holidays. We can thus distinguish five periods of six to eight weeks soccer rules for kids(depending on the Academy and the area to which it belongs).

1st period: from the retracted to the autumn break

2nd period: the autumn break to those of Christmas

3rd period: the Christmas vacation to those of winter

4th period: winter vacation to those of spring

5th period: the spring holidays to those of summer.


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The "credit - time

It must be taken into account in the calculation of the number of workouts actually available:

The policy of the club, of the availability of sports facilities and the motivation of players to define the number of appointments you "football" bye week...

Holidays which "fall" on the same day of the week than that provided for the drive?

Of the possibility or not to schedule workouts or even "mini internship" during the school holidays...

This first marking which will be refined by the suite, allows to define a kind of "credit time" available to the educator.

It must also operate;soccer rules for kids leverage all the niches that offer each of these appointments...

The heating of pre-match, for example, too oriented toward a physical preparation (many exercises without ball) can, again, increase the "credit time" of the educator. Actually, twenty minutes of exercises or technical games, before each meeting, multiplied by thirty matches during the season can represent a significant number of actual hours of drive!

The observation period

The different periods do not have the same function. The month that follows the school year is a period of observation and making contact with the players. After the summer vacation, the players need to revive their memories, to adapt to a new rhythm and to new rules for kids The educator must observe his team in the know and have an idea, the more exact as possible, resources of the players and their needs.

It will also clarify the rules, forge habits of drive, and create links.

The period of balance sheets

Is often criticized in the calendar of meetings of jostled the purposes of seasons which are fraying for dates, tournaments, cup finals, matches in rules for dummies Yet, the past few weeks are important to allow summarizing the learning of the season and preparing the players to gain access to the higher category.

The last few weeks of the season are also a privileged moment or the player is questioned on its projects and on the most suitable ways to achieve them.

The analysis of the program

After you have defined, the credit time was available;soccer drills for kids the second task is to analyze the program to determine what programming you are prescribed. The programs are not lists of content intended to be treated as such. This is complex sits on which a genuine work of analysis and interpretation must be done, to find the best possible adaptations.

In the conduct of the drives, the various aspects of the program,soccer rules for kids the different areas of expertise must be articulated and not simply added together.


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