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world cup soccer game

The world cup soccer game or the FIFA World Cup is an international competition of football, which is ordinarily taken place every four years.

This competition, created in 1928 in France, under the impetus of Jules Rimet then president of FIFA, is open to all federations recognized by the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA).  The first edition took place in 1930 in Uruguay, whose national team winner.

With the exception of the World Cup in 1930, the competition is held in two phases. Organized by the continental confederations, the preliminary phase allows the best selections of each continent to qualify for the final phase which is taking place in a country organizer. The current format of the final phase fact confronts thirty-two national teams male for a period of approximately one month.

Only eight nations are at the top of the World Cup. Brazil, the only team to have played all the final phases of competition, holds the record of editions won with five long are world cup soccer games In addition, it is the sole holder of the Jules Rimet trophy, put into the game from 1930 and that he has permanently retained at the end of its 3rd victory in the competition in 1970 with Paul, the only player triple world champion in the history. Italy, taking into account four trophies, either one more than Germany. The winning team in the first edition, the Uruguay, won two times the test just as Argentina, other countries of South America. Finally, France, England, as well as the reigning champions, Spain, each win a World Cup.

The organizing country of the football World Cup is designated by FIFA. All nations can apply for the host, and are judged on their ability to organize such a celebration. The organizing country is automatically qualified for the competition. The latest edition of the world cup was held in South Africa in math games world cup Brazil is designated to receive the next edition in 2014.

The FIFA World Cup is the event the most watched sports in the world with the Olympic Games. Economically, the competition has positive effects on the growth of certain sectors of activity and on the development of the organizing country. Sports infrastructure, including stages, is constructed or renovated for this occasion.

The football world cup has a political aspect. Although conveying the values of peace and of universality, the competition can, unfortunately, be also the opportunity to see fights general,slime games world cup soccer violence around the meetings, and even the Trigger element of war between countries. Many packages and boycotts punctuate the history of the competition for political reasons. There are the opponents in the World Cup.

The global event is present in the popular culture, the subject of many films and documentaries, and is an opportunity to create songs or national anthems. Video games or albums on labels of players are put on sale before the World Cup.

Origin of the competition

The project to organize a World Cup begins with the creation of the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) in 1904. 1906, The first edition initiated by the Dutch leader Carl Hirschmann is programmed in Switzerland and four horns of four teams by way of first round are implemented in-site visit1. But during the closure of the confirmations of registrations for the sixteen selections invited, on 31 August 1905, no federation does confirm its participation and the project are buried. With the establishment of an Olympic football tournament since 1908, Hirschmann wants to proceed with the recognition of this Olympic tournament as the world championship of amateur football. The idea is validated during the FIFA congress in 1914, but the First World War blocked this initiative2. After the Great War, the FIFA changed his cup kicks soccer games His election to the presidency of FIFA, Jules Rimet Cup put into effect while opens, with Henri Delaunay, not to recognize the Olympic tournament as the world championship of amateur football, activist for the establishment of a new competition. The Olympic Games of 1924 and 1928 allow you to establish a constructive dialog between the formations of South America and those of the old continent.

The project of the World Cup is adopted by FIFA at a congress in Amsterdam the May 26, 1928 by 25 votes for and 5 against, and 1 abstentionnite 4.3. The organization of the first World Cup is then entrusted to Uruguay during the FIFA congress held in Barcelona the May 18, 1929 to celebrate the centennial of its independence,addicting games soccer world cup but also because the country is a double Olympic champion in titre4.

The cadence of the slices of the world of football is fixed in alternation with the Olympic Games. At the time of the creation of the World Cup, almost all the teams had the same training for the Olympic Games and World Cup because they have an amateur status. However the competition quickly becomes world cup games 2010 If the Olympic tournament is reserved for amateurs, the FIFA recognizes and accepts the teams who have opted for the professionalism. The objectives and values differ; the World Cup is open to all amateur and professionnels5.

In tribute to the action of the president of FIFA, the first trophy which remains in use since 1930 is named "Cut Jules-Rimet" since the FIFA congress of July 25, 1946 to Luxembourg6.


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Selection of host countries

During the FIFA congress held in Barcelona the May 18, 1929, the organization of the first World Cup is entrusted to Uruguay to celebrate the centennial of its independence, but also because the country is a double Olympic champion in the title.

For the second edition in 1934, Italy is imposed as the host country after you have made the necessary financial conditions. Sweden, well, engaged, withdrew before the Italian candidature. The designation, provided first by May 1932 at the Stockholm Congress, is finally shifting in December as a result of requests for postponements of the competition. Austria and other European countries want, in effect push the competition 1936 owing to the economic context marked by the Great Depression86.

In 1938, Jules Rimet wishes that the competition is taking place in his country, France. Argentina and Germany arise also as candidates to the organization. FIFA is questioned about the ability of France to have adequate facilities to accommodate the competition87. Finally, the FIFA is given on 15 August 1936 the responsibility of the competition in France by a vote.

Chosen to host the World Cup 1942 which had to be canceled because of the Second World War, Brazil is finally appointed to organize the first competition after the war in 1950 the July 26, 1946 in Luxembourg. When this same congress, it was announced that Switzerland is the host of the World Cup 1954. Once again without a vote, the organization of the edition 1958 is entrusted to Sweden the June 23, 1950 in Rio de Janeiro, or nearly eight years before the beginning of the test.

For the competition of 1962, three countries are candidates for the organization: Argentina, Chile, and the RFA. West Germany withdrew and FIFA must proceed to a vote the June 10, 1956 in Lisbon to designate in which of the two South American countries the world cup 1962 has an argument. Chile is finally appointed by 32 votes to 11. A new vote to a tour to take place in Rome on 22 August 1960 for the next edition and England gets the responsibility to be the host of the competition in 1966. For 1970, the FIFA congress continues the alternation between Europe and South America. It meets the October 8, 1964 in Tokyo and designates the Mexico in the first round of votes.

The July 6, 1966 in London, the FIFA Congress chooses the three host countries of the following competition. The RFA and Spain are the only candidates for Europe for the editions 1974 and 1982, the first returns to the RFA, and the second to Spain. Beaten in 1962 and 1970, Argentina finally gets the organization of the World Cup in 1978.

The ballot changed, then, a vote of the FIFA Executive Committee replaced the congress. Chosen in 1974 in Stockholm, the Colombia is facing financial problems and must abandon in 1982 to accommodate the test four years later. The Mexican candidacy for the 1986 World Cup is then passed unanimously by the members of the executive committee. Italy is then preferred to the USSR for the 1990 World Cup. For the designation of the organizer of the 1994 edition, a new vote is organized in Zurich in 1988. The United States beat the Morocco of three votes, breaking the alternating between Europe and South America. The Morocco is once again beaten four years later with the choice of France in the competition in 1998.

On 31 May 1996, a joint nomination from Japan and South Korea is proposed and voted by show of hands by the FIFA Executive Committee. The first phase with the final held in Asia is therefore taking place in these two countries in 2002. This first joint nomination of the history of the World Cup is not conclusive and the FIFA seems reluctant to a possible new candidature multiple, except if it is supervised by a Committee of the unique organization (which had not been the case in South Korea and Japan).

After three rounds of voting, the Germany is designated organizer of the 2006 World Cup in ahead of a vote the application of South Africa. This last is designed to organize the next edition at the expense of Morocco, once again beaten. South Africa becomes the first African country to host the competition. With the rotation system of the FIFA, the World Cup 2014 must be organized on the South American continent. Brazil is designated after the withdrawal of the other candidates.womens world cup soccer games The December 2, 2010, the organization of editions 2018 and 2022 are respectively assigned to Russia and Qatar, which is a first for the two pays.


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