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Goalkeeper drills

Of all the games that goalkeepers play at camp, “keeper wars” is by far the most popular. It has everything we want: competition, kicking,   diving,   throwing,    positional    play, psychology,goalkeeper drills, and last, but not least, fun. As a player, I have to admit, this game was one I always looked forward to playing.

I have created an environment with this one simple game that is both fun and competitive for the keepers. Out of these sessions, not only do I get a better understanding of where each keeper is technically,soccer goalkeeper role but I also get a view of the players’ competitive fire.

Set Up:

• Two full-size goals facing each other 18-22 yards apart (the distance depends on ability of keepers)

• A bunch of balls placed outside the posts of each goal

• Outside boundary: the edge of the six-yard box





• A keeper with a ball starts on his or her goal line

• He or she has two steps to either kick or throw the ball into the other keeper’s goal

• If a goal is scored, the scoring keeper regains possession and repeats

• If the defensive keeper makes the save,goalkeeper training videos he or she can throw or kick from where the save was made

• If a save is made but the ball is dropped, the keeper must start on the goal line

• If the throw or kick goes high or wide, the goalkeeper on defense gets possession

• Rebounds (off the post, crossbar or keeper) must be shot first-time if the ball remains in bounds

• The game is played to three (although scoring is up to you). Always compete for a winner

In the game I describe above, there are no restrictions on how the attacker/keeper can score. So if you have a keeper who can hit a laser of a drop kick, then that player will likely dominate that particular game.

Restrictions can be placed on both the attacker (keeper with the ball) and the defensive keeper. All keepers have their own strength when it comes to the distribution side of the game.goalkeeper tips While it is good that they are proficient in a particular area, a coach must demand that they bring up the level in their weaker areas. At the higher levels of play, it is inevitable that weaknesses will be cruelly exposed. In these training environments, don’t let your players hide their weaknesses.


• In a game to three, players cannot score the same way all three goalie training The good drop kicker would have to score another way (i.e., a throw) in order to win the game

• Players must score with a kick or throw from their “weak” side

Consequences for inaccurate shooting or throwing:

• Each miss is a strike

• Three strikes equal a goal against the attacker.

In the basic game there was no real consequence for dropped or parried balls other than the fact that they must return to the line to start. I want my keepers to hold everything they can and not give rebounds or corner kicks. The reward for holding the shot on the first try is that they can play it from where they caught it. If they used any angle play at all,goalkeeper training drills the distance to the other goal has decreased and they have an excellent chance to score. The consequence for tipping the ball over or punching it is a “corner kick” given to the other team. What that really means is that the other keeper gets another crack at scoring.

One of the main reasons I put this restriction on is because keepers, as a whole, are pretty smart. They figure that the key to the game is to get possession. Without the corner kick rule, any save the least bit uncomfortable will be tipped over or touched wide knowing they get the ball back. I want the keepers going for, and holding, the uncomfortable save.goalkeeper drills to do alone  Of course there are those shots that merit a tip or a deflection. But with the corner kick rule, you can be sure the keeper used that type of save only as a last resort.

I have seen a significant improvement in the UNC keepers to go for and hold shots that they had traditionally thought out of their range. They are no longer willing to concede corner kicks so freely.

With more than two keepers at a training session to have a good goalkeeper drills, play so that the winner stays on. Or hold a team competition.

In the end these types of environments benefit everyone. The keepers get high repetitions of the different types of distribution and shot handling and the coach will be able to evaluate what technical aspects need more focus in future sessions.


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