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Goalkeeper drills

Not every team is blessed with a goalkeeper coach;that person educated and experienced in the training and development of goalkeeper drills.

  I always   use the phrase “training and development” as virtually anyone can “train” a ‘keeper. But if that person does not have the capability to identify the areas where improvements must be made; then the training session is nothing more than a series of exercises, which may only perpetuate bad habits.  It is the responsibility of every soccer coach to become formally educated in the training and development of goalkeepers. Armed with that knowledge,goalkeeper drills not only can the coach work with the goalkeeper on a one on one basis, but in the realm of integrating others. Specifically, modern goalkeeper training and development breaks down into three training realms:

Goalkeeper Coach – Goalkeeper

Goalkeeper Coach – Goalkeeper – Group of players

Coach – Team - Goalkeeper



Goalkeeper Coach – Goalkeeper is simply one on one time between the coach and goalkeeper. The second option involves groups of players, who will assist the coach in creating game like dynamics that serve the goalkeeper in a training environment. The last area involves the entire team and how the goalkeeper fits into the grand scheme of both attack and in defense.

Let’s go back to the beginning; you don’t have a goalkeeper coach. Maybe you’re a high school or club coach in a situation where your time is limited relative to training the team. How can you integrate the ‘keeper in a session that not only addresses a topic for the field players, but allows for the goalkeeper to get an effective goalkeeper training experience as well? I have outlined one session that is designed to focus on passing and receiving, but shows how the goalkeeper can be effectively involved. Involved without compromising the integrity of the session as a whole.


Given that the topic for this session is actually “passing and receiving of the soccer ball”; we can see how this lends itself to integrating the goalkeeper.  Here, the players move around within a grid passing the ball. The goalkeepers are allowed to either use their feet or make an appropriate save depending how the ball is played to them. Periodically, the coach will instruct the players to perform various types of passes as well as those receiving to handle the ball in a particular way.

One group of players dribbles in the grid looking to pass (accurately) to those situated between the cones which are 2 yards wide (wider with younger players). Upon receiving the pass, the players between the cones one-touch the ball back. When the goal-keeper passes, a shot is taken by the player between the cones.  Next, players switch positions; i.e. when the ball is passed between the cones, the receiving player now enters the grid to dribble and the passing player takes the spot between the cones.

When a dribbling player goes to a goalkeeper between the cones, the “pass” is now made either inside or outside the cones, forcing the ‘keeper to now execute the appropriate save. Players are now paired off forming a circle around the goalkeeper training drills. Players are asked to pass the ball back and forth.goalkeeper drills soccer The receiving player makes a short run away from the passer. Upon checking back to the passer, the pass is made. The coach instructs the receiving player about the various methods by which the ball is to be played (first touch) and straight versus angled checking.

Each group has a number; once that number is called by the goalkeeper, the receiving player takes a touch and shoots on the goalkeeper. The ‘keeper then distributes to the other player. Players are asked to take specific types of shots as directed by the coach.

Players are grouped into four. The phase is the same as that noted in, but now with pressure.goalkeeping drills The passing player must now read the defending player’s pressure and then make the appropriate pass. The coach must insure that both straight and angled checks take place. As was the case the groups are given a number.

When a group’s number is called, the player receiving the ball now dribbles in on the goalkeeper simulating a breakaway situation. Over the course of several repetitions, attacking players may either shoot or dribble in.

The session concludes in a 6 v 6 game using full goals. At the coach’s discretion,soccer goalkeeper training restrictions can be made on  the  players  (2-touch, 5  passes before shooting…), so as to heighten the  pressure of  executing  quality passes and necessity of being able to receive the ball so as to set up the subsequent pass. football goalkeeper drills is allowed to play freely, however a training flag is placed 1-2 feet beyond the posts. The ‘keeper is expected to defend “flag to flag», as this will assist in enhancing the goalkeeper’s range.

In  this  4  v  4  game, players are directed to recognize appropriate attacking shape and goalie drills (diamond) and to understand  the  importance of fluid movement in support of  the  ball.   The   objective of the game is to find the goalkeeper drills. The ‘keeper plays the ball with either their feet or hands depending upon the ball played. The goalkeeper saves the ball and releases to the red team.


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