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goalkeeper drills

As regards the GOALKEEPERS, it was written a lot of subjects. There are books, videos, C D. And others dedicated to the work of the goalkeepers, but the overwhelming majority returns to the goalkeeper drills have already formed, having a practice of adults or high-level.

Here is a document to begin, train or cause of children to this post.

Some say that is guardian is something spontaneous, that the child must be broken neck, that it must be "loco".  This position has specialized it’s be moles and, sometimes,soccer goalkeeper role in the smaller size classes, the case occurs that almost all want played at a certain at a certain time. Curiosity?goalkeeper drills Egocentrism?

When one speaks of "teach" to a child to act in this role, each trainer has its particular style in addition to its opinion, mainly if it has been or is the custodian. I exercised for more than thirty years,goalkeeper tips this task and I have been witness to unacceptable moments in the training of a child in this role, frazzled from the first drive, because that bombards the entire meeting....

This article does not claim to be the panacea, nor compete with other devoted or recognized. It seeks only to make suggestions or share experiences for the young aspiring guardian can learn with a minimum of risk,soccer goalie training conquer fear,goalkeeper drills be dosed in its temerity and is initiated with a relative success in this difficult art.

Let's see: We arrived a child about 8 - 10 years who demonstrate the qualities and the desire to be guardian ¦ How to start his initiation?


goalkeeper training videos



Knowing that the main concern of the young keeper is to be evil, we will find a part of the terrain relatively furnished, without stone or better, use narrow mattress gymnastics goalkeeper drills.

In my opinion (Very staff and without desire to wake up the controversy, since in football there are no unique requirements), I divided the drive - initiation of guards beginners in specific meetings and I consider the first as the most important and sensitive,goalkeeper drills because they will teach him to dominate the ball and learn to fall without damage.

I will virtually form an acrobat who prevents the ball to enter in the purposes and which can become ipso facto in the first attacker of my team.

Meeting type (Initiation) (expected Time: 2 hours) 

It brings together the aspirants guards with the instructor,goalkeeper training drills who their spoke of the importance of the position, appointed of famous guardians of world history and pointed out what is the current Football national and international.goalkeeper drills Then you talk to them of physical qualities and drive of this role, of the paramount importance of reflexes, to the peripheral vision, in its role of leader with the voice, etc. (always with a vocabulary adapted to her level).

Then: the heating, it begins with insistence on the articular flexibility. It continues the warm up with exercises to influence multiple. We begin face to face to send the ball strongly and to the gathering with the hands in claws at the height of the seat belt. (Each small aspirant with a balloon and the trainer with another to demonstrate).

And then it sends it to the front, well high and we get with both hands. I must here explain and demonstrate that goalkeeper drills the hands are seeking the ball and that they do not expect. This way to jump and be stretched allows us to seek how the lower segments, the balance and kinesthetic coordination biomechanics act.

(First hydration)

We explain to children and/or adolescents in front of us that, without the proper technical, we cannot cope with a frontal balloon which is strong, at the height of the chest has of the abdomen, without risk of injury to us fingers, hands, and thumb or arm front.

For the demonstration, a child is raised to face us with a ball in your hands and launched forth (with the hands) toward the area of our stomach. With both hands open, including the fingers,goalkeeper drills we recover in a safe manner the ball from the back against the chest and repeat three times the gesture, in commenting on its benefits.

We put the children in India queue and a to a we are launching the ball by metering the force of service until goalkeeper drills youth we ensure the quality and the assurance of their gestures.

Once we have found that they dominate this gesture,goalkeeper drills and do not put the fists or the hands in front by closing the eyes, we are doing a demonstration of the next exercise.

We call upon the ball in the air for them go the search; they capture and collect at chest height to ensure. We are correcting and explain time and time again:goalkeeper drills for kids the elbows are open; the hands seem of claws, it falls with the legs ajar and on the soles of the foot. There is the semi flexing of the knees to immediately stabilize.

(Second hydration)

Going back to this last and most important part of the first session:goalkeeper drills Initiation at the fall and return article goalkeeper drills to do alone.


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