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Goalkeeper jerseys

We will test different brands and models of gloves or Goalkeeper jerseys so that you can get an idea when your future purchases.

We will not only test the look, but we will really push the test:       

               - Look

               - Seams

               - Practical aspect

               - Test in time of rain

               - Test in dry weather

               - Resistance after 5 workouts

               - Technical Specifications

               - Strengths / weaknesses


This model is a mid-range among ERIMA. 

To begin we can point out to the first shots of eye one design and sober colors with a small touch of neon orange to make the pair of gloves but chic with a touch of madness.

This model is in couture negative,Goalkeeper jerseys which serves just what we needed at the level of the fingers. He must know before all things that if you made of 10 like me in EQUIPMENT Uhlsport or in Soccer,nike goalkeeper jerseys the mark you advised to take a half-size see a size in more.custom goalkeeper jerseys For my part I'll leave more on a half-size and more.


To develop, the glove, the elastic is flexible enough to allow insertion of the hand fast and also to be able to easily remove it.

In the interior the texture is a little dried, but it does not interfere with nothing.Goalkeeper jerseys The glove is lightweight and flexible, because on top of the globe, there is no area of shock as we can find on other models of gloves.

The spacing of the fingers is easily done and sewing at the level of the junction thumb-hand allows you to have a greater freedom of movement.

The closure is done by the elastic bandage which unfolds to 360 degrees.Goalkeeper jerseys There is also a small tab at the end of the bandage to avoid damaging your palm on the Velcro when removing the glove.

Small less negative at the wrist;youth goalkeeper jerseys in effect the ease to put the glove requires a tightening of the elastic band important. If this is the case, the bottom of the palm is found a little bunk.


I would remind you that this is a glove intended to the drive for a price of 34.95 euros maximum, and which will happen in the month of February to 30 euros.Goalkeeper jerseys You are going to tell me that for the price and it we must not have a special flu and that they must have the feeling of playing with gloves in peach skin.

Well, no, certainly nothing comparable with gloves of other brands hugging the 100 - 130 euros, but I think sincerely for this price,goalkeeper jerseys for kids we are hovering the best pair of drive for the moment with a quality report extraordinary price. 

The grip is good, after a wet to activate the grip, at the end of a couple of balloons where the adhesion is safe.Goalkeeper jerseys The simplicity of the glove allows you to have a good touch on the ball to the drive and to find the sensations of games goalkeeper drills. 

The thickness of the foam allows the should absorb them federally of shocks, but a few millimeters more would not too not more.

With a good maintenance and playing on soft surfaces the glove resisted jerseys I advise you to well maintain in order to optimize the grip.

I let me even advice this glove for beginners, who wish to have a good pair of gloves for the matches to a budget more than reasonable or then the guards a little more experienced who wish to have a good pair for the drive or relief of games.


Strong points: - the price

                     - The Simplicity

                     - The sobriety (for some)

                     - The grip

                     - The ease to put

Negative points: - the sobriety (in contradiction with the above or for some a bit of fantasy also serves to differentiate themselves) Goalkeeper jerseys

                           - The tightness of the bandage which creates a fold at the bottom of the palm


- A palm in Soft latex 3 mm for a good grip and 3 mm of absorption goalkeeper gloves.

- Elements in latex on the back of the hand for optimal control in the fist and gap between the fingers with elements in latex of 2 MM.

- A negative cut with Outer Warp and Flex Executive Board Goalkeeper jerseys.

- Closed, with elastic bandage with mounting tab ABLE 360°


important source:

Soccer Leagues - University of Washington






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