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Soccer goalie jerseys

We will test different brands and models of gloves or Soccer goalie jerseys so that you can get an idea when your future purchases.


We will not only test the look, but we will really push the test keeper jersey soccer: - look

               - Seams

               - Practical aspect

               - Test in time of rain

               - Test in dry weather

               - Resistance after 5 workouts

               - Technical Specifications

               - Strengths / weaknesses

To begin with, we can see that Nike placing on a contrast between a very yellow tape to the eye on the top of the glove and a black at the level of the palm of the glove or Soccer goalie jerseys.


This model is in sewing roll-finger goalkeeper kit, who unlike some models with the same seams, are fairly close to the finger. This would be acceptable to some people and is not suitable for other.


To put the glove, the elastic is flexible enough to allow a quick insertion and also to be able to easily remove it.

Inside, the texture is soft enough that allows you to feel good inside. The glove is flexible because there is no area of shock at the top.

The spacing of the fingers can be done fairly easily.Soccer goalie jerseys By against the junction of the thumb and the hand is good, but we feel when even a fold. The sewing in the middle of the glove does feel almost not unlike other models of gloves.

The closure is done by a band that had deployed to 360 degrees. The band is quite rigid and represents for me a big fault of the glove, because when he must bend the wrist, the band gene enormously.

The plastic film, which was present at the time of purchase of the joint guarantee a perfect condition of the palm but it is quite bothersome to remove and some part of the plastic film remains on the glove long after.


It is a glove which is part of the top of the range at NIKE to approximately 79 euros.Soccer goalie jerseys The palm that descends on the wrist, more sewing roll-finger allows you to have an optimization of the area of contact with the ball. After you have activated the grip by wetting the palm, the grip is powerful with a good touch on the ball.youth soccer goalie jerseys The foam absorbs really well the shock.

The resistance of the palm depends primarily on the ground, because on a synthetic the palm is weakened quickly enough but on the grass the resistance is good. By time of rain the grip remains very good. The glove or Soccer goalie jerseysalso warms the winter, which allows you to be more pleasant.


Strong points: - the Palm black which gives a pleasant designated

                     - The grip

                     - The comfort (hot enough and waterproofs the winter)

                     - Easy to install

                     - The plastic film

Negative points: - the Velcro strip (which is still a big negative point)

                           - The unique yellow color

                           - The abrasion of the glove fast enough

                           - The plastic film (after the purchase)



Cut: Roll finger with palm long

Palm: Latex Kontakt 4mm

Above: Textile Mesh and latex

Closure: full Bandage with Velcro strip in canvas Beltlock passing in a tunnel under the foam Soccer goalie jerseys.



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