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The goalkeeper in soccer

Diving is one of the most popular tricks in basic guards , especially among the youth. This is a fundamental distinguishing the role of number one versus the other team partners , making feature .

I think the idea to send the porter from a young age is : when to plunge ?

Very often , perhaps also a healthy dose of self-centeredness (characteristic of a lot of interpreters of the role ) , the gatekeeper performs loons on balls that do not require such intervention or excessively pronounced.

The preparer of the porters to teach the porter to be especially important and run with extreme precision each technical procedure , reserving only the parade dip in the extreme situation .

In younger age groups , diving should be taught with proper teaching progression that allows a complete learning of all its phases. Avoid Indeed, injuries or accidents that would carry them to depart early the role of gatekeeper. At this age it is very important to grow in young N.1 the " pleasure of diving. "
The parade in diving , or if we want to better define it as parade with drop down on one hip can be divided into different types depending on the distance of the ball, the body and its trajectory can be intercepted by the case or taking deviation.

The deviation can be done with 2 hands , a solution which offers excellent guarantees success and also cover the purpose for irregular bounce. Such intervention reduces the possibility of improved elongation , which is more easily found by trying to intercept the ball with one hand which must always be the counterpart side of the falls.

I think that beyond the executive members of the technical gesture , I am also a very important role in the preparation phase of the intervention.

Upon firing , the gatekeeper must be stopped and with both feet in contact with the ground.
Proper use of restraints , using always the forefoot , for both movements to pushing, can find the highest speed and distance runnin


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