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dehydration headache

Young  players often complain  of dehydration headache.  Frequently, the cause is dehydration, but without realizing  this, many  simply  take significant amounts  of ibuprofen  (such as Advil) to address the problem.

At one  clinic,  a soccer parent mentioned  to Gloria that she too had headaches.  As a follow up,  more  water worked  for her (turns out even  watching  games  in the heat can bring on dehydration!), as it does  for many players.dehydration headache symptoms  Also, watch over-consumption of ibuprofen  (taken for a variety of reasons), which can be common in the youth soccer community. In addition to causing physical problems (especially if taken on an empty  stomach), this medication  can mask the signs of injury, potentially  causing  only further damage.

Playing Soccer in the Heat

When playing soccer in the heat, pay attention to your teammates  and also listen to your own body. If you notice that you or your teammates  feel light-headed,  dizzy, nauseous, clumsy, uncoordinated, confused, irrational, have  stopped sweating, or have  ashen gray pale skin, stop playing immediately! These are all symptoms  of heat illness.

Here’s what to do for dehydration headache cure:

• lay down in a shady or cool place.

• raise legs and hips to improve  blood pressure.

• remove excess clothing.

• cool off by wetting the skin liberally and fanning  vigorously.

• apply ice pack to groin, armpits and neck.

• drink  cool water.

Better yet, try to avoid   heat  illness. Acclimate  yourself to heat  by starting off gradually  in your intensity level and playing time for a couple  of weeks,  if possible.get rid dehydration headache  If heat  is sudden  (such  as traveling  to a tour- nament  or a sudden  change  in weather),  take extra care to hydrate well and play sensibly. Coaches should attempt to make liberal  use of subs, and  be  on  the lookout  for signs of heat exhaustion.




Water or Sports Drinks?

Water is an adequate fluid replacer during soccer sessions that last less than 60 minutes, particularly if you have fueled-up with a pre-exercise snack.dehydration headache location Sports drinks are helpful during training sessions and games that last longer than 60 to

90 minutes or on multiple game days; they replace both water and some carbohydrates.dehydration headache nausea Because carbs help maintain a normal blood sugar level needed to feed your brain, you'll discover you’ll perform better, think clearer, make better decisions, and feel better after playing.

For youth soccer (or any age soccer, for that matter), orange sections + water, watermelon, pretzels + water are all options that will refresh players between halves and offer more nutritional value than a sports drink.dehydration symptoms Sports drinks are essentially sugar water with a dash of salt. A sports drink provides:

•   small amounts of carbohydrates  to fuel your mind and muscles.

•   sodium  to enhance water absorption and retention.

•   water to replace sweat losses.

Sports drinks are designed to be consumed during exercise that lasts longer than an hour. However, soccer sells a lot of sports drinks. They seem to be a staple at every game and practice, yet there is no need to drink them throughout the day. A constant intake can damage your teeth, so limit them to playing. With the multitude of sports drinks on the market, you may feel confused about what’s best to drink, and wonder if some are better than the others.dehydration headache The bottom line is that you should choose the drink that tastes best to you; there are no significant advantages to one over the other. The most important point is to drink  enough. 


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