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Diet programs

Participating in a tournament that is far from home provides a fun opportunity to travel and compete. But all too often when traveling, you can get nutritionally sidetracked by the confusion and excitement of being on the road.

You’ll want to pre-plan how you are going to best fuel yourself and keep your diet programs. Some players and their families or teammates travel with a cooler packed with abundant tried-and-true meals and snacks. Others confront the nutritional challenges of finding familiar sports foods at local restaurants and stores.weight programs Whatever you do, remember that in a tournament situation, every meal is a pre-game meal. Even if you’re not yet at this point in your soccer career, it’s still good to gain an understanding, so you can develop good sports nutrition and lifestyle habits early on.

Eating for Tournaments or “The Big Game”

If you are about to embark on some serious back-to-back games, training, or even important try-outs, you want to be sure your muscles are fully fueled. This entails a type of “carbohydrate loading” similar to what endurance athletes, like marathoners or triathletes, practice before big events. Here are some tips on getting the job done. Eating a high-carbohydrate diet means more than just stuffing yourself with pasta; a good sports diet ensures adequate “muscle and mind” fuel. You should not change your tried-and-true diet for these events, but rather, just be more focused on executing sports nutrition principles.

Daily training diet

Eat a carbohydrate-rich sports diet every day as the foundation for every meal to develop a tried-and-true training diet that will support your soccer aspirations.

•Try to train at the same time you'll be competing.

•Before practices, eat your planned pre-competition meal.

•Learn how much pre-exercise food you can eat and then still play comfortably.

•Practice  consuming  the  sports  drink  that  will  be  available  during  the tournament as well as any mid-game foods (sports gels, fruit) you plan to eat.


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The week before the tournament:

•Cut back on your training so that your muscles have the opportunity to become fully loaded with fuel.

•Keep your eating about the same leading up to the big day(s). The 600 to

1,000 calories you generally expend during training will be used to fuel your muscles.

•Be sure that you are carbo-loading, not program That is, instead of having one roll with butter for 200 calories,weight loss programs have two plain rolls for 200 calories. Enjoy pasta with tomato sauce rather than oily or cheesy toppings.

The day before the tournament and best diet programs

•Instead of relying upon a huge pasta dinner the night before the tournament, you might want to enjoy a substantial carb-based meal at breakfast or lunch on game day. This earlier meal allows plenty of time for the food to move through your system. Or, depending on game times, eat your car-fest at both times!

•Drink extra water, juices, and even carbohydrate-rich sports drinks, if desired.

•Expect to gain possibly about 2 to 4 pounds of water weight.  For every ounce of carbohydrate stored in your body, you store about three ounces of water.

Game morning

•Eat a tried-and-true breakfast that will settle well.

•Drink plenty of programs Take your preferred beverage with you so you’ll have it available at the game.

•If  you  are  a  coffee,weight loss diet  tea  or  cocoa  drinker,  enjoy  your  standard  morning beverage.

During the tournament

•Prevent dehydration by drinking on a schedule as much as possible.

•Maintain a normal blood sugar level by consuming about 200 to 300 calories of carbs during the game, in addition to having fueled up before and after, especially on multi-game days.

•diet programs :Continue to eat a small serving of low-fat proteins as the accompaniment to the meal (not the main focus).


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