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eating healthy on a budget

I'm not hungry in the morning: If you have no morning appetite, chances are you eating your breakfast calories the night before and eating healthy on a budget.

Perhaps you ate a huge dinner? Big bowl of ice cream? Too many cookies before bedtime? The solution to having no morning appetite, obviously, is to eat less at night so that you can start the day off hungry. Eating breakfast should become a habit; reverse your eating pattern and get used to eating in the morning!

If playing soccer first thing in the morning "kills your appetite" (due to the rise in body temperature), keep in mind that you will be hungry within a brief time afterwards when you have cooled down. Plan ahead, so when the “hungry horrors” hit, you will have healthful options ready and waiting.

I'm on a diet: Too many weight-conscious soccer players start their diets at breakfast. Bad idea. Breakfast skippers tend to gain weight and to be heavier than breakfast eaters. A satisfying breakfast prevents  you from getting too hungry  and overeating later in the day.

Your best bet for successful dieting is to eat during the day, burn off the calories, and then eat a lighter meal at night. (soon in our site more details about how to lose weight and still have energy to train and eating healthy on a budget.)

Breakfast makes me hungrier: Many soccer players complain that if they eat breakfast, they seem to get hungrier and eat more all day. This may result from thinking they have already "blown their diets" by eating breakfast, so they might as well keep overeating, then start dieting again the next day. Wrong. Successful diets start at breakfast.

If you feel hungry after breakfast you probably ate too  little  breakfast. For example, 100 calories of toast with jam is enough to whet your appetite but not to satisfy your calorie needs. Try budgeting about one-quarter of your daily calories for breakfast—500-600 calories for most 120-150 pound players. This translates into two slices of toast with jam, a banana, low-fat yogurt, and juice; or yogurt and a bagel.

If you overeat at breakfast, you can easily resolve the problem by eating less at lunch or dinner. You won't be as physically hungry for those meals and will easily be able to eat smaller portions.




The Breakfast of Champions

By  now,  we  hope  we've  convinced  you  that  breakfast  is  indeed  the  most important meal of the day. What  is a good choice to eat, you wonder?

Cereal is quick, convenient, and filled with the calcium, iron, carbohydrates, fiber, and other nutrients soccer players need. A bowl of whole grain cereal with fruit and low-fat milk provides a well-balanced meal that includes three of the four food groups (grain, milk, and fruit) and sets the stage for an overall low-fat diet.

Cereal is versatile. Mix brands and vary the flavor with different toppings , eating healthy on a budget recipes:

•      Sliced banana

•      Blueberries (a handful of frozen ones also tastes great—especially if microwaved)

•       Raisins

•      Canned fruit

•      Cinnamon

•      Maple syrup

•      Vanilla yogurt

Nontraditional  Breakfasts

Not everyone  likes cereal for breakfast,  nor do they want to cook eggs or pancakes.usda eating healthy on a budget  If what to eat for breakfast stumps  you,  choose  a food  that you  enjoy.  After all, you'll be more likely to eat breakfast  if it tastes good. Remember that any food — even a cookie (preferably oatmeal  raisin, rather than chocolate chip)  — is better than nothing.

How about eating healthy on a college budget:

•  Leftover pizza

•  Leftover Chinese,  Mexican  or other dinner food

•  Mug  of tomato soup

•  Potato (or sweet potato/yam) zapped in the microwave while you take your shower

•  Tuna sandwich

•  Peanut  butter and apple

•  Protein bar

soon in our website an article about how to start eating healthy on a budget.


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