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Good diet plans

To help you better accommodate a healthful high-carbohydrate sports diet during your traveling routine, here are a few tips for good diet plans.


•At a restaurant, order pancakes, French toast, whole-wheat toast, or English, bran, or corn muffins. Add jelly, jam, or maple syrup for extra carbohydrates, but hold the butter or request that it be served on the side so that you can better control the amount of fat in your meal.good dieting tips Add a little protein to the muffin or toast meal, such as eggs (or egg whites) or a glass of low-fat or skim milk.

•Order a large orange juice or tomato juice. This can help compensate for a potential lack of fruits or veggies in the other meals.

•Try to stay in a hotel that offers a free breakfast. If it doesn’t, pre-arrange a group deal. If the game is very early,planning for good eating request a packed-to-go breakfast (bagel, banana, and yogurt) or ask if the hotel can accommodate a group request for an earlier meal.

Easier yet, for a hotel stay, you might want to save time and money by packing your own cereal, raisins, and spoon. Either bring powdered milk or buy a half- pint of low-fat milk at a local convenience store. A water glass or milk carton can double as a cereal bowl. Or, you can check out supermarkets in the area upon arriving, and stock up. Consider volunteers buying for the entire team.


•Find a deli or restaurant that offers wholesome breads. Request a sandwich that emphasizes the bread, rather than the filling (preferably lean beef, turkey, ham, or chicken). Go easy on the mayonnaise, and instead, add moistness with mustard or ketchup, sliced tomatoes, and lettuce. Add more carbohydrates with juice, fruit, fig bars (brought from a corner store), or yogurt for dessert.

•At fast-food restaurants, the burgers, fried fish, special sandwiches, and French fries have a very high fat content. You'll get more carbohydrates by sticking to the spaghetti, baked potatoes, bean chili, or thick-crust pizza selections.

•Request thick-crust pizza (with veggie toppings) rather than thin-crust pizza with pepperoni or sausage.healthy meal plans If thin crust, then order without the meats, and add a side salad if desired.

•At a salad bar, generously pile on the chickpeas, three-bean salad, beets, and fat-free croutons. Take plenty of bread. But don't fat-load on large amounts of butter, salad dressings, and mayonnaise-smothered pasta and potato salads.

•Baked potatoes are a super choice if you request them plain rather than drenched with butter, lots of sour cream, and cheese toppings. For moistness,good diet plans try mashing the potato with milk rather than butter, or eat them with ketchup. A small amount of sour cream and salt to taste is not a bad alternative.

•Hearty soups (such as split pea, minestrone, lentil, vegetable, or noodle) accompanied by crackers, bread, a plain bagel, or an English muffin provide a satisfying, carbohydrate-rich, low-fat meal.

•Both juices and soft drinks are rich in carbohydrates. Juices, however, are nutritionally preferable for vitamin C, potassium, and wholesome goodness. It’s better to teach players to limit soda.

•Save the typical fast food, candy and treats for after the games.





•If possible, check out the restaurant beforehand to make sure that it offers wholesome carbohydrates (pasta, baked potatoes, rice, steamed vegetables, salad bar,good diet plans for men homemade breads, fruit, juice), broiled foods, and low-fat options.

Inquire how dishes are made. Request they be prepared with minimal fat (so also avoid heavy sauces). Let management know the time you’ll arrive and number in your party to avoid long waits. Those waits can undermine your team’s nutrition and general scheduling plan.

•Eat the breads and rolls either plain or with jelly. Replace the butter calories with high-carbohydrate choices: another slice of bread, a second potato, soup and crackers, juice, sherbet, or frozen yogurt.

•When ordering salads, always request the dressing be served on the side.

Otherwise, you may get as many as 400 calories of oil or mayonnaise—fatty foods that fill your stomach but leave your muscles unfueled.

Snacks and munchies:

•Pack your own snacks. Some suggestions include: whole-grain bagels, muffins, rolls, crackers, pretzels, fig bars, energy bars, granola bars, oatmeal raisin cookies, graham crackers, oranges, raisins, dried or fresh fruit, and juice boxes.

•Buy wholesome snacks at a supermarket or convenience store:good diet plans for weight loss small packets of trail mix, bananas, dried fruit, yogurt, V-8 juice or fruit juice, bagel, hot pretzel, slice of thick-crust pizza, small sandwich, or cup of soup.

Pack it to Go, and Carry it With You!

Packing your tried-and-true sports meals and snacks in a cooler is an ideal way to carry your food with you everywhere. (You can restock on the road by refreezing your ice packs in hotels.) But players often find themselves stuck without timely access to those coolers. After all, parents, and their cars, aren’t always with their players, so many of them miss a window of opportunity to eat because of field location, game schedule, etc. Make use of the many convenient thermal options: various sized silver bags sold in supermarkets; neoprene or other type lunch bags, etc.good diet foods Choose a thermal bag that can be folded small enough to fit in your soccer bag or backpack. Also, freeze bottles of water or sports drink and put them in with your snack. The drink will melt enough to be drinkable, but stay cold enough to keep food chilled.good diet pills (Put the bottle in a plastic bag, to catch the “sweat” so the rest of your food will stay dry.)

Traveling is fun but filled with food temptations. Do your best to stick to tried- and-true foods that you know will settle well and not upset your digestive system. Save the less sports-oriented food until after the games are over.

If you have any doubts about the availability of familiar foods, plan ahead and bring some “safe” foods with you—including the gels, energy bars,good diet menus and sports snacks you will want to consume during the game itself, as well as pre-game and recovery snacks. That way, if you are presented with a meal that is all wrong for you (such as tournament donuts, burgers, hot dogs, fried chicken and French fries), you can at least supplement the high fat foods with carbs (e.g. fig cookies, dried pineapple, and baked chips). good diet plans Think ahead, plan ahead, and be responsible. Make good nutrition your advantage for a successful tournament!


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