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healthy diet foods

Dinnertime generally marks the end of the school or work day, a time to relax and enjoy a pleasant mealand a healthy diet foods, that is, if you (or your parents) have the energy to prepare it—and if your soccer practice or game is not in the middle of the family dinner hour.

(Many families rearrange their meal times to accommodate hungry soccer players.) The trick to dining on a balanced dinner—the protein-starch-vegetable kind of meal with at least three kinds of foods—is to arrive home with enough energy to prepare it. This means fueling your body and brain with adequate calories prior to dinnertime—with a second lunch, or a post-soccer snack on the way home. It also means having easy-to-heat food ready and waiting.healthy diet foods A cook-a- thon on a weekend can simplify weekday dinners.

If you are far from being a master chef, you might want to take a cooking class at your local center for adult education. It might be a fun activity for soccer parents and/or their players. But even if you’re not a good cook, being organized can still produce a great sports diet.

Quick Fixes:  Dinner Tips for Hungry Soccer Players

Because good nutrition starts in the supermarket, you have a far better chance of achieving a super sports diet when your kitchen is well stocked with appropriate foods. You (or your parents) might want to muster up enough energy to marathon shop at the discount or warehouse food store once every two or three weeks and really shop, so that you have enough food to last for a while. To help accomplish this goal, post a copy of the Soccer Player's Basic Shopping List (see following sidebar) on your refrigerator and check off the foods you need.

Soccer Player's Basic Shopping List

Keep this on your refrigerator and be sure to notice when an item gets low and needs to be replaced.

Cupboard: cereal, spaghetti,  spaghetti   sauce,  brown  rice, whole  grain  crackers, baked  corn chips, kidney  beans, baked  beans, refried beans, tuna (canned  or in a foil pouch), salmon(canned  or in a foil pouch),  peanut  butter, soups (such as mushroom for making  casseroles; lentil, minestrone, hearty bean),  baking  potatoes, V-8 or other vegetable  juices

Refrigerator: low-fat cheddar, mozzarella  and cottage cheese, low-fat milk and (Greek) yogurt, Parmesan cheese, eggs, tofu, tortillas, carrots, lettuce,  tomatoes, oranges, bananas (When refrigerated, the banana  peel turns black  but the fruit itself is fine  and  lasts longer.)

Freezer: whole-grain bagels, whole-wheat pita, English muffins, multigrain  bread, orange juice concentrate, broccoli, spinach, winter squash, ground turkey, extra-lean hamburger,  chicken (pieces frozen individually in baggies)





By  keeping  your  kitchen  well  stocked  with  basic  foods,  you  will  have  the makings for simple meals such as healthy eating recipes:

•Spaghetti with tomato sauce plus hamburger, ground turkey, tofu, beans, cheese cottage, grated cheese, and/or vegetables

•English muffin or pita pizzas

•Tuna noodle casserole

•Soup and sandwiches (e.g. tuna, toasted cheese, peanut butter with banana)

•Microwaved potato topped with cottage or ricotta cheese, baked beans, or yogurt

•Peanut butter crackers and V-8 juice

•Bean burritos (frozen, or made with canned refried beans+salsa+tortilla)

Some soccer players use their morning shower time to cook 11/2 cups of raw (brown) rice while getting ready for work. Come dinnertime, they simply brown one pound of lean hamburger or ground turkey in a large skillet, dump in the cooked rice, and then add whatever vegetable is handy.list of healthy foods Cooking 11/2 cups of raw rice for each pound of raw lean meat generates two generous sports meals with 60% of the calories from carbohydrates. Perfect!

Some popular creations healthy diet foods list with rice and ground meat includes:

•Mexican—canned beans + chili powder + grated low-fat Cheddar cheese + diced tomatoes

•Chinese—broccoli     zapped     in     the     microwave     oven     while     the meat cooks + soy sauce

•Italian—green beans + Italian seasonings such as basil, oregano, and garlic powder

•American—grated low-fat Cheddar cheese + onion browned with the meat + diced tomatoes

Quick and Easy Meal Ideas

Here are some ideas for quick-and-easy meals and healthy diet recipes:

• Pasta with clam sauce, tomato sauce, and/or frozen vegetables, and/or low-fat cheese

• Canned beans, rinsed and then spooned over rice, pasta, or salads

• Frozen dinners, supplemented with whole-grain bread and fresh fruit

• Pierogies, tortellini, and burritos from the frozen food section

• Baked potato topped with cottage cheese or ricotta healthy diet plans.

• Whole-grain cereal (hot or cold) with fruit and low-fat milk

Quick-cooking brown rice — made double for the next day's rice and bean salad

• Stir-fry, using precut vegetables from the market, salad bar, or freezer. Purchase garlic sauce at any take-out Chinese restaurant (and rice too if you need it) and add to your own cooked vegetables, rice, left-over meats weight loss diet foods.

• Scrambled eggs (Combine beaten eggs and seasonings with grated raw zucchini, cheese, tomato slices, or leftover cooked vegetables.)

• Thick-crust pizza, fresh or frozen, then reheated in the toaster oven

• Homemade pizza (pizza dough from the supermarket with jarred spaghetti sauce, steamed vegetables,healthy snacks, and grated cheese)

• Bean soups, homemade, canned, or from the deli

• Souped-up soup (canned soup with added steamed vegetables, leftover meat,healthy diet foods, fish or grated cheese)


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