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healthy food choices

Every soccer player regardless of language understands the word pasta as a healthy food choices. Pasta is popular not only before a game, but also as a standard part of the training dietand .

Even soccer players who claim they can't cook can manage to boil pasta. Some choose to eat pasta at least five nights of the week thinking it is a kind of superfood. Wrong.

Granted, pasta is carbohydrate-rich, quick and easy to cook, heart-healthy, economical, fun to eat, and enjoyed by just about every member of the family. But in terms of vitamins, minerals, and protein, plain pasta is a lackluster food. Here's some information to help you to place pasta in perspective to have a healthy food choices.

Nutritional value: Pasta is an excellent source of carbohydrates for muscle fuel, and is the equivalent of "gas" for your engine. But plain pasta is a marginal source of vitamins and minerals, the "spark plugs" you need for good health. Pasta is simply made from refined white flour—the same stuff you get in "wonder breads"—with a few vitamins added to replace those lost during processing. Even whole-wheat pastas—although better than white for their fiber content—offer little nutritional superiority, because wheat (and other grains in general) is better respected for its carbohydrate-value than its vitamins and minerals.healthy food choices Spinach and tomato pastas also get overrated since they contain relatively little spinach or tomato in comparison to having a serving of that vegetable along with the meal.

Pasta’s nutritional value comes primarily from the sauces healthy chinese food choices:

•tomato and pesto-type sauces rich in vitamins A and C and potassium

•clam sauce rich in protein, zinc, and iron

Be cautious with pasta smothered with butter, cream, or greasy meat sauces. Creamy, cheesy pastas are artery-clogging nutritional nightmares.

healthy mexican food choices



Pasta and protein: Pasta is popular not only for carbohydrates but also for being a vegetarian alternative to meat-based meals. However, many soccer players— often non-meat eaters—live on too much pasta and neglect their protein needs.healthy food choices To boost the protein-content of tomato sauce, add:

•2-3 ounces of extra-lean ground beef or turkey

•1/4 cup of grated low-fat mozzarella cheese 1/2 cake tofu

•1/2 cup canned, drained kidney, black or garbanzo beans

•3 ounces tuna (one-half of a 6-ounce can)

•1/2 cup of canned minced clams, shrimp or other fish

•1 cup of low-fat cottage or ricotta cheese

•Nuts (walnuts, almonds, cashews, peanuts)

•Sauces made with protein sources, such as peanut, tahini (sesame paste), yogurtOr, instead of adding protein to the sauce, drink two glasses of low-fat milk with the meal.

To boost the nutritional content even further, make a Vegetable Pesto Sauce: Puree cooked broccoli, carrots or other cooked vegetables in a food processor or blender.healthy fast food choices Use a bit of chicken or vegetable stock for the desired consistency.healthy food choices Season to taste. You can make this in batches, freeze it in ice cube trays, and store the cubes in freezer bags for convenient use.

If you are like many soccer players who struggle with eating well on a daily basis, remember the following keys to a successful sports diet:

1.  Eat appropriately sized meals on a regular schedule so that you won't get too hungry. Notice how your lunches and dinner deteriorate when you eat too little breakfast and get too hungry.

2.  Spend your calories on a variety  of wholesome foods at each meal; target at least three kinds of food per meal.

3. Pay attention to how much better you feel, perform, and feel about yourself when you eat a well-balanced sports diet or healthy food choices at chili.

We believes that getting  too hungry  is the biggest mistake with most soccer players' diets, especially if you have not planned ahead and get stuck with few or no good food choices. A hearty breakfast sets the stage for a top-notch sports diet, and a second lunch that prevents the hungry horrors paves the way to a healthy food choices and  healthful dinner.


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