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Healthy meal ideas

If you want to “get it right” in terms of establishing a good sports diet that helps make you a better soccer player and have a healthy meal ideas, there’s no doubt breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Yes, there can be hurdles to eating breakfast, but the benefits far outweigh the difficulties.

Breakfast eaters and recipe of healthy food tend to:

•      Eat a more nutritious, lower fat diet.

•      Have lower blood cholesterol levels.

•      Enjoy success with weight control.

•      Are mentally alert and more productive—in school and on the field.

•      Have more energy to enjoy exercise either in the morning or later in the day.

As an aspiring soccer star, plan to start your day with breakfast, preferably within two hours of waking. From female athletes on a 1,800-calorie weight reduction diet, to tall men who devour 3,600 calories a day, soccer athletes deserve to eat a hefty 500 to 900 calories for their morning meal(s). If you train in the morning (such as in summer camps or team pre-season), you might want to eat part of your breakfast (as tolerated) before practice, and then enjoy the rest of the breakfast afterwards and after dinner recipe ideas, either at home, on the way to class, or in your car. (See Chapter 13 for information on how to calculate your calorie needs for breakfast and the entire day.)

Despite our clear message about breakfast being the most important meal of the day, we have to coax many soccer athletes to experiment with eating (more) breakfast. Far too many of them under-eat in the morning. Let’s take at look at some standard breakfast excuses—and solutions.

I don't have time: Lack of priority is the real problem, not lack of time. If you can make time to train, you can make time to fuel for your training. Even if you choose to sleep to the last minute before dragging yourself out of bed to go to school, work, or a soccer practice or game, you can still choose to eat breakfast on the way. Some simple healthy easy meals, portable breakfasts include:

•      A barge filled with raisins, almonds, and granola.

•      A tortilla rolled with a slice or two of low-fat cheese.

•      A peanut butter and honey sandwich on wholesome bread.

•      A glass of milk, then a banana while on the way to your destination.

•      A travel mug filled with a fruit smoothie or protein shake.

•      An energy bar and a banana during the morning commute.

The key to a grab-‘n’-go breakfast is to plan  ahead. Prepare your breakfast the night before. For example, on the weekends, you might want to make the Carrot Apple Muffins on page 167 or buy a dozen bagels. Pre-slice the bread or the bagels, wrap the desired portion in individual plastic bags, and put them in the freezer.healthy meal ideas for two is  Take one out of the freezer at night so breakfast will be ready and waiting in the morning, or give it a few seconds straight from the freezer into the microwave.

Breakfast interferes with my training schedule:healthy recipes If you have an early soccer practice or game (8:00 to 10:00 A.M.), you will likely play better and avoid an energy crash if you eat at least part of your breakfast beforehand. (You might have to slowly train your stomach to tolerate this fuel).healthy meal ideas A swig of juice, a chunk of bagel, or piece of bread are popular choices that can at least get your blood sugar on the upswing, contribute to greater stamina, and help you feel more awake. If you just cannot tolerate this food, a hefty bedtime snack the night before can reduce the risk of a morning energy lag. (Chapter 10 explains in greater detail the importance of morning food.)

Breakfast is equally important if you train or compete at midday or in the afternoon.for healthy meal ideas You need to fuel up early in order to frontload your energy for quality training or competing later in the day.


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