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Help me lose weight

If you are a young female player or her family or coach reading this,help me lose weight : we want to say right up front that for all the obvious reasons, we do not endorse any type of dieting for these players.

The goal of eating well, which we outline in this article, is to achieve a healthy, natural weight. However, for those older players who want to sensibly achieve a weight goal, read on.

Among soccer athletes, a lean physique is often desirable for speed and agility. However, in addition to skill, soccer is also a game of strength and power, for which size can be an asset. Still, some players want to lose a little undesired body fat, hoping lightness will enhance their performance. They commonly assume excess body fat will simply melt away once the soccer season starts, but in- season can be a tough time to lose undesired weight; you need to eat well to have the energy to play hard.

How to Lose Weight and Have Energy to Exercise, help motivate me to lose weight

Nancy spends hours helping all types of athletes who are fighting the battle of the bulge. Most think they should follow a strict diet with rigid rules and regulations. Wrong. Diets don't work. If diets did work, every athlete who has ever dieted would be as thin as desired.

The key to losing weight is to:

•stop thinking about going on a diet.

•start learning how to eat healthfully.

•trust that appropriate eating + regular exercise will lead to an appropriate weight.

How much is Okay to Eat?

As outlined in Chapter 14, most soccer players can lose weight on 1,800 to 2,200 calories (or even more). This is far from a starvation diet! Note that your body requires a significant amount of energy simply to exist: pump blood, breathe, produce urine, grow hair, and maintain your other bodily functions. Exercise boosts your calorie needs, but often not as much as you may expect, particularly if you are a goalkeeper or reserve player.


foods to help me lose weight



To lose weight, you want to cut back on your food intake by just a little bit less (for example, drink less soda, use less butter) while you add on exercise.prayer to help me lose weight Don’t get over-zealous and cut your food intake in half, with hopes of losing weight quickly. That's a big mistake. Soccer players who try to lose weight quickly tend to get too hungry, lag on energy, “blow their diets,” and end up regaining weight quickly. Overtraining to burn extra calories is also a risk.

Food records (a diary) can be extremely useful to help you understand why you have gained weight in the first place and what you need to do to lose it. For example, by recording everything you eat, you might notice that you:

•munch when watching TV and don't even notice the portion.

•eat too little at breakfast and lunch, only to overindulge at night.

•diet Monday through Thursday, and then splurge when tailgating after weekend games.

•If you are willing to keep accurate food records, you will probably be more successful with your weight reduction program. That’s because people who keep food records tend to eat about 20% fewer calories, and that is a sustainable reducing diet.

If you are still growing, however,help me lose weight you should safely be able to follow your appetite, and with activity and good eating habits, you should not be concerned with dieting.


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