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high protein snacks

For vegetarian soccer players, beans are not only a good source of protein and a high protein snacks, but also of carbohydrates, B-vitamins (such as folic acid), and fiber.

When added to an overall low fat diet and highest protein foods, they may help lower elevated blood cholesterol levels. (The problem with beans can be flatulence; some players become gas propelled!  If necessary, you can solve this by starting off with small amounts until your system gets used to digesting them.) To add more beans to your sports diet:

•Sauté garlic and onions in a little oil; add canned, drained beans (whole or mashed) and

Heat together.

•Add beans to salads, spaghetti sauce, soups, and stews for a protein booster.

•In a blender, mix black beans, salsa and cheese. Heat in the microwave and use as a dip or on top of tortillas or potatoes.

Eat like a Brazilian

Women’s Professional Soccer celebrates its share of Brazilian players, among   the top in the league and in the world for both men and women. This soccer culture, which plays what is called in Portuguese Juga Bonita (play beautiful, as in:  skillfully) has a few typical dishes that lend themselves well to sports performance.high protein snacks for kids   Rodízio   is a  style of eating in  both Brazilian and Portuguese restaurants, where  food  is brought  to the tables,  usually   barbequed meats on  a skewer such as sirloin steak or chicken,  and distributed in  small amounts  until  the customer has had  enough   (so it is not a massive piece of meat  calling to you from the plate!). Barbequed pineapple or banana serves as a dessert. Rice and beans, a derivative of Caribbean influence, and a combination that forms a complete protein dish, are also typical Brazilian fare.

Protein-rich salad dressing: Add salad seasonings to plain yogurt, or blenderized tofu or cottage cheese (diluted with milk or yogurt). Make a tahini (sesame paste) dressing with lemon,high protein low carb snacks salt and other seasonings (try cumin), or add to yogurt for dressing. Delicious!

Spaghetti sauce: Add diced tofu and/or canned, drained kidney beans. Experiment with the many forms of meat substitutes readily on the market: TVP (textured vegetable protein, a form of soy), crumbled meat substitute in the freezer aisle, canned vegetarian chili with soy, etc.

Pasta:Choose protein-enriched pastas that offer 13 grams of protein per cup (140 g), as compared to 8 grams in regular pasta.high protein snacks list Top with grated part-skim mozzarella cheese.

Potato, sweet potato and yam: Bake or microwave, then top with canned beans, baked beans, or low-fat cottage or ricotta cheese.

Hearty soups: Choose lentil, split pea, bean, and minestrone.

Hummus:Try hummus (garbanzo dip made with tahini) with pita or tortillas.

Cheese pizza:A protein-rich fast food, half of a 12-inch pizza has about 40 grams of protein.




How to Boost Your Iron Intake

•The recommended intake for iron is 8 milligrams for men and 18 milligrams for women per day. Women have higher iron needs to replace the iron lost from menstrual bleeding. Women who are post- menopausal require only 8 milligrams of iron per day. Young female soccer players should be conscious of their iron intake, as some of them are often found to be low in this mineral, especially the more serious players.

•Iron from animal products is absorbed better than that from plant products.

•A source of vitamin C at each meal enhances iron absorption (such as orange juice or tomato sauce).

• Cooking in cast iron pots also helps increase a food’s iron content and high protein snacks.


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