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Lose weight quickly

You can lose weight with the following five keys to successful weight reduction and lose weight quickly.


Key #1. Eat just a little bit less at the end of the day. Don't get too hungry or you'll blow your diet. The less you eat during the day, the more likely you are to blow your diet. Even if you can successfully restrict your intake, the less you eat, the more your body adjusts to having fewer calories. You will start to conserve energy—similar to what a bear does in winter when food is scarce. That is, your metabolic rate will drop and you'll feel lethargic, cold, moody, and lack energy to exercise hard. Soccer will feel like work, not play.

As mentioned above, many active female soccer players can be successful with 1,800- to 2,200-calorie reducing diets. This is far more than their self-imposed 800- to 1,200-calorie starvation diets that often end in food binges. By simply knocking out fried foods (fried chicken, chips, French fries), sugary drinks, and fatty foods (butter, mayonnaise, excess salad dressing),lose weight quickly you can create a small but effective calorie deficit that results in losing 1/2 to 1 pound per week for women, and 1 to 2 pounds per week for men. This rate of weight loss is realistic, allows you to eat enough carbs to fuel your muscles, and also has enough energy to enjoy your soccer.

How can you tell when you’ve eaten the right amount—not too much, nor too little? At the end of dinner, you want to feel “not quite full”;best way to lose weight you could eat more, but you could also stop eating and get on with your evening. This is much different than feeling obsessed with hunger. By slightly underrating in the evening, you will then wake up in the morning ready for breakfast—and a tiny bit lighter after having lost weight when you were sleeping.






Key #2. Be sure that you fuel adequately during the day, so that you'll be able to eat less (diet) at night. For an appropriate reducing program, Nancy recommends you eat even-sized meals about every four hours throughout the day. Your goal is to eat on a schedule that prevents hunger.

This suggested meal plan may encourage you to consume more than you might be currently eating at breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack/second lunch, but less at dinner (and little or nothing after dinner).how to lose weight easily You should eat enough to feel content after the first three meals and not quite full after dinner.

Your training program may require a creative eating schedule if you play during meal times. If you have soccer practice at 6 P.M.—potentially at the height of your hunger—you will enjoy your session more if you eat part of your dinner before you practice. You could trade in your 100-calorie dinner potato for a 100- calorie banana at 5:00 P.M. Similarly, if you exercise at 8:00 A.M., you will enjoy greater energy if you eat part of your breakfast beforehand, such as a slice of toast and a glass of juice, and then eat a yogurt with granola afterwards to recover from the workout and satisfy your hunger.

(As mentioned in Chapter 10, experiment with pre-exercise food to determine the right amount to boost your energy without making you feels heavy and sluggish.) Players believe that exercising “on empty”—for example, running first thing in the morning before breakfast—help them to burn more fat. While this may be true, keep in mind that burning fat does not equate to losing body fat. To lose body fat, you need to create a calorie deficit for the entire day (not just during workouts). If you exercise on empty, you’ll lack the fuel you need to play longer and stronger.lose weight quickly (Hence, you’ll burn fewer calories since you’ll be less active than if you had eaten adequately before you started to play, so you could play with full energy.) You may also experience extreme hunger later in the day and end up raiding the cookie jar.


Key #3. Eat an appropriate amount of fat. If you are currently eating a high- fat diet filled with butter, mayonnaise, salad dressing, French fries, and pepperoni, you should cut back on these and other fatty foods. Excess dietary fat easily turns into excess body fat, if not clogged arteries.

On the other hand, if you are trying to cut all the fat out of your diet—thinking that if you eat fat, you'll instantly gain body fat—think again and see Chapter 7. Fat can be helpful for dieters because it takes longer to digest and provides a nice feeling of satisfaction that can prevent you from scrounging around the kitchen, looking for something junky to eat. Soccer players who try to eat a very low fat diet commonly live with a nagging hunger, to say nothing of feelings of denial and deprivation.

One study reported that dieters who were instructed to eat 1,200 calories of a high-fat diet actually lost more body fat than the group who were instructed to eat 1,200 calories of a very low-fat diet. Why? Because the high-fat dieters were better able to comply with their regimen. You, too, may enjoy better success with weight loss if you give yourself a reasonable calorie and fat budget to spend on the foods that you truly enjoy to lose weight in 2 weeks (Refer to Chapter 7 for more information on what a 25% fat diet looks like.) There is a diet portion of any food, including pizza and peanut butter! (And there is particularly room for healthy fats from such sources as avocados, salmon and nuts).


Key #4. Try to lose weight in the off-season, when life is calm. Stressful schedules (such as when you are juggling school/work and soccer) are often poor times to try to reduce body fat. When life is stressful, you may need to let go of your goal to lose fat and instead focus on not gaining weight. If you are both stressed and hungry, you can too easily succumb to overeating (even though obviously no amount of food will solve any life problem).

The off-season is the best time to lose weight, but is often the time when soccer players gain weight because they are less active and have more time to have fun with food and friends. If this has been your pattern, think twice before you eat. Ask yourself, “Does my body need this fuel?” Eat when you are hungry, but not when you are bored. The same holds true if you are injured. Many injured soccer players get depressed and try to cheer themselves up with chocolate and chips. Doesn’t work. In fact, they end up more depressed because they now have gained undesired body fat. Not gaining weight is far easier than trying to lose it.


Key #5. Have realistic weight goals. Weight is more than a matter of willpower; genetics play a large role. If you are working out regularly, fueling appropriately during the day, eating lighter at night, and waking up hankering for breakfast— but still have not lost weight, perhaps you have an unrealistic weight goal.lose weight quickly Maybe you have no excess fat to lose and are already lean for your genetic blueprint. You can remodel your body to a certain extent, but you cannot totally redesign it. Plain and simple,losing weight fast soccer players, like all people, come in varying sizes and shapes. No one body type is right or wrong. From the Atlanta Beat’s first-ever draft (5 of those 7 players are 5’9” or over) to a slight Heather O’Reilly of Sky Blue FC—elite soccer players come in all sizes and shapes.


In order to determine an appropriate weight for your body, we recommend you stop looking at the scale and start looking at your family tree. Imagine yourself at a family reunion.


•   How do you compare to other members of your family?

•   Are you currently leaner than they are? Heavier? The same?

•   If you are leaner, are you struggling to maintain that low weight?


If you are significantly leaner, you may already be under fat for your body but you can think about lose weight quickly if you want.



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