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protein diet plan

Like carbohydrates, protein-rich foods are also an important part of your sports diet or protein diet plan. You should eat a protein-rich food at each meal. Some soccer players tend to either over- or under- consume protein, depending on their ideas about healthy eating and lifestyle.

While it is true that young athletes have an increased need for protein due to the demands of their sports and the fact they are growing, most tend to consume more than they require.

Whereas high-protein eaters may frequently choose cheese omelets, fast food burgers and other meals filled with saturated fats, others bypass these foods in their efforts to eat a low-fat or vegetarian diet—but they neglect to replace beef with beans, or other appropriate substitutes.high protein diet plan Or they equate healthy eating with low-cal protein like skinless chicken breast and avoid important carbs and good fats.

To meet your protein requirement, you should consume not only one or two protein- rich foods per day, but also the recommended 2 to 3 servings of calcium-rich dairy foods such as milk, yogurt and cheese (or calcium-fortified soy milk).protein power diet plan Calcium is particularly important for growing teens and women who should optimize bone density. For only 300 calories, soccer players can easily achieve the recommended calcium intake—plus boost their protein intake—by consuming:

•   8 oz (240 ml) of milk or soy milk on breakfast cereal

•   8 oz (240 ml) tub of yogurt with lunch

•   a (decaf) latte made with skim or low-fat milk for an afternoon energizer

When choosing the recommended 2 to 3 daily servings of dairy foods, note that fat-free and low-fat products are preferable for heart-health and calorie control, but you need not suffer with “watery” skim milk if you really don't like it. You can try the new thicker forms of skim milk on the market. Or, you can always cut back on fat in other parts of your diet.whey protein diet plan For example, Patty, a midfielder on a collegiate soccer team, opted for cereal with reduced-fat (2%) milk (5 grams of fat per cup), but saved on fat elsewhere in her diet by using fat-free salad dressing and eating low-fat granola.

Soccer athletes who prefer a dairy-free diet or are lactose intolerant should take special care to eat adequate amounts of nondairy calcium sources

Sweets and Treats

Although nutritionists recommend eating a wholesome diet based on grains, fruits, and vegetables, some soccer athletes eat a diet with too many sweets and treats. If you have a junk-food diet, you may be able to correct this imbalance by eating more wholesome foods before you  get too hungry. Athletes who get too hungry (or who avoid carbohydrates) tend to choose sugary, fatty foods (such as apple pie, instead of apples). A simple solution to the junk-food diet is to prevent hunger by eating heartier portions of wholesome foods at meals. And once you replace sweets with more wholesome choices (including whole grain carbs), your craving for sweets will diminish.

Take note: You need not eat a "perfect diet" (no fats, no sugar) to have a good diet. Nothing is nutritionally wrong with having something sweet, such as a cookie, for dessert after having eaten a sandwich, milk, and fruit for lunch.protein and fiber diet plan But a lot is wrong with eating cookies for lunch and skipping the sandwich. That's when both nutrition and performance problems arise.

The key to balancing fats and sugars appropriately in your diet is to abide the following guidelines:

• 10% of your calories can appropriately come from refined sugar. (about 200-300 calories from sugar per day for most soccer players)

• 25%   of   your   calories   can   appropriately   come   from   (preferably healthful) fat. (about 450-750 calories from fat per day, or roughly 50-85 grams of fat per day)

Hence, moderate amounts of chips, cookies, and ice cream can fit into an overall healthful food plan or protein diet plan, if desired.


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