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Sports nutritionist

One of the biggest mistakes made by soccer players—particularly those who rush from school to practice or from work to work out—is to train on empty.

They report they have “no time” to eat. Our response is: If you have time to be on a team, you have time to fuel for both training and competition sports nutritionist. Be responsible!

If you are training on empty because you want to shed a few pounds of undesired body fat, think again. While losing excess flab can indeed help the overweight soccer player to run faster, attempting to lose the weight during training sessions or games contributes to needless fatigue while playing. You can lose weight at other times of the day, but you shouldn’t attempt to play soccer on fumes! Just as your car works best with gas in its tank,olimp sport nutrition your body works best when it has been appropriately fueled.

If you have always abstained from eating within the hour or two before you play just because you think you should exercise with an empty stomach, think again. Pre-soccer food actually contributes to greater stamina and endurance. We encourage you to try 100 to 300 calories of a light snack (e.g. Crackers, banana, and toast).sports nutritionist You might be pleasantly surprised by the benefits—more energy, better concentration and focus, greater stamina, and better ability to keep up with the opponent at the end of the game.

If you avoid pre-exercise eating because it contributes to intestinal distress, start training your intestinal tract to tolerate food. If pre-exercise food jostles in your stomach, and either “talks back” or stimulates the urge to have a bowel movement,olympus sport nutrition you’ll want to train your intestinal track to tolerate small amounts of pre-exercise food—a saltine, a pretzel—and gradually increase to 100 to 300 calories of a pre-soccer snack.

Because eating ability and food preferences vary in relation to when, how long, and how hard you train, all players who plan to build up to more than an hour of soccer should practice pre-exercise eating.sports nutritionist Remember, you are training your intestinal track, as well as your heart, lungs and muscles.

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Experiment with the following pre-exercise eating recommendations so you can learn through trial and error:

•   What foods work best for your body?

•   When you should eat them

•   What amounts are appropriate?

You are an experiment of one, and only you can ultimately determine what works best for your body.

Soccer involves short, intense bursts of exercise. The harder you play, the less likely you will want too much pre-exercise fuel and the more likely you will need to allow more digestion time between eating and playing. Some players may feel nauseated at even the thought of pre-exercise food,top sport nutrition while youth players may appreciate the added energy.sports nutritionist In general, if you are exercising at a pace you can comfortably maintain for more than 30 minutes (jogging, easy practice sessions), you can both exercise and digest food at the same time. At this comfortable training pace, the blood flow to the stomach is 60 to 70% of normal— adequate to maintain normal digestion processes.

During intense sprinting, the stomach essentially shuts down and gets only about 20% of its normal blood flow. Then, when the exercise becomes less intense, digestion resumes. Hence, soccer players can digest and utilize pre-exercise fuel during stop-and-start exercise. The limiting factor is individual tolerance.sports nutritionist If pre- exercise fuel feels uncomfortable and causes indigestion or heartburn, you’ll want to allow extra digestion time prior to a hard workout. Or, select sports gels and foods and fluids designed to be eaten during strenuous exercise.


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