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Top 50 reasons to exercices

If you are still looking for reasons to get you started, if your motivation is lowered, if you are reluctant to put on your sneakers for a lap, here are 50 (good) reasons that should make you change your mind.
Or at least, a very small, that will make you upset.

Let's go for a roundup of 50 reasons to succumb ...

1 . Shower immediately after is a pure delight , you'd think it 's been a week that we did not test

2 . It's good for morale : seeing all the pink - blue , black is stored in the closet (or thighs legging )

3 . For once I think of me and all mine !

4 . We learn from at great speed : 12 lengths , 17 minutes rowing , 28 laps of the pitch . The account is good.

5. It has taken the time to look for 3:12 berserk cook and cut peppers in 27 seconds , so if you have time

6 . It has not been used for Fame, Dirty Dancing or Black Swan, there has been a Lethal Weapon 4 , then no reason to despair

7 . We do not yet play like Beckham

8 . We're tired of singing " We are the champions " for other

9 . It lets off steam after a day at the office to rail against the evil neighbor lunée and private coffee machine capsules

10 . Good resolutions are still there ( September 1 in the retracted or operation on June 1 in swimsuit operation )

11 . For the pleasure of " tope there" seriously change the tightening labor

12 . We are tired of mixing the damn ball anti- stress ( we lost by the way) and we seek an effective technique to replace

13. One must suffer to be beautiful ( and muscular )

14. It feels light, light , light ... I'm flying , I'm flying , I'm flying ... Oh no I do not fly ...

15 . Full gym workout , mind detached, we finally remembered that we forgot to buy milk , book theater tickets , call Louisa , moving to the pharmacy , in short it is the Fortunately, we went back for an extra hour of sports end of the session if you want to wrap everything in time

16. You can to test all his will and welcome arriving there (in this case rather focus on the 400 meters or the marathon then target New York 2040)

17. We know that there is good and there is nothing wrong with ...

18 . Sleeping like a baby and after we dream small dumbbells and flying carpet

19. To tone it all and win a smirk morning in the mirror - in 3 months if we started to tone this morning

20 . This is good for the heart , even when it is broken

21. The important thing is to participate

22. For fun, take the time , from time to time ...

23. We still not buy all this equipment for nothing (see number 10, yes they are vintage yet ... )

24 . To test the ultra- tight without being ridiculous
OK , he was 14, he ridicules us math, but table tennis he will see that it is Raoul

25 . Ie change leaves an air chamber , at least it used to something one day

26. 400 pages to read ... so pedaling at the same time

27. 3 albums to listen ... so pedaling along

28. Nothing to do ... so pedaling along

29. Another 20 minutes for the quiche , it is perhaps not just sit in front of the oven to brown while watching the abs is sacred will

30 . Marion was given to the zumba and transformed

31. Was stored Zumba and himself for this unprocessed test

32. It has been 3 months since we did not meet anyone again , it is time that the gym we meet new people ( for 2 years that we did not set foot , no risk, the pool has been renewed )

33. To exhibit the 200 darlings of all colors who avoid missing the ball because they did not view

34. The Olympics is in two years , according to those in 6 and qualifying tomorrow

35. We stop eating junk food because it would be too stupid to take all those calories burned

36. Tai chi is not even know how it was written , now we even know what it means " supreme ultimate boxing " and next year it is planned to understand what it is that " ridge "

37. This is precisely the party , it explodes , it is loose , it dares all

38. When it's -12 and it 's 6am , you feel a superhero in shorts

39 . One of the Team is already covered in the 93

40 . It was nice pony when Mom pulled us 5 years

41. We have seen that some could run 90 minutes , it's still not rocket science

42. There must be a reason the cooked carrot had no reason dimpling

43 . Maybe over time the strength to believe you can just try to see

44 . Getting into the sport, boy my name is Smokey

45 . We still have not managed to stand on a surfboard - finally a wave AND a surfboard - the problem is the wave ...

46. It is already known how the gym teacher , muscular muscular ?

47. We have to release endorphins and is entitled to happiness

48 . It's hot, it sting a well head

49. We still have lots of records to beat - Personal

50 . It's 15 minutes that one is coiled / sloppy / posted / awake / asleep / concentrate / stamping (* ) in front of this computer , it is time to get started ...



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