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Weight loss plans

Some soccer players perceive themselves as being energy-efficient and having to eat “less than they deserve.”  and have a weight loss plans They express these complaints:

•I  eat  less  than   my   friends   but   I  still  don’t   lose  weight.   There  must   be something wrong with my metabolism.

•I maintain weight on only 1,000 calories per day. I want  to lose a few pounds,

but I can’t imagine  eating any less.

•I train every day and eat only one meal a day.  I can’t understand why I don’t lose weight.

Does Nature slow an athlete’s metabolism to protect her from getting too thin? Or, does the athlete become very inactive when she is not exercising? That is, after a hard soccer game, does the player take a nap, watch TV, or relax more than usual? Hence, the trick to reversing “energy efficiency” may simply be to remain active in a low-key fashion,weight loss plans easy index by walking around or gently moving more throughout the entire day, not just when training.

of them are simply trying to get to a weight that is abnormal for their genetics. For example, some female soccer players lament what they call their "fat thighs." They fail to understand that fat in the thigh area is sex-specific. It is a storehouse of fuel for potential pregnancy and breast-feeding and is supposed  to be there. Just as women have breast tissue, women also have thigh tissue. Women havefatter thighs than men because women are women.

Target Weights

Although   only nature knows the best weight for your body, the following guidelines offer a very general method to estimate a healthy weight range. Add or subtract 10%, according to your body frame and to lose weight healthy (Note: These guidelines do not work for very muscular soccer players.

Women: 100 pounds (45 kg) for the first 5 feet (1.52 m) of height;5 pounds (2.3 kg) per inch (2.5 cm) thereafter

Example: A woman who is 5’6” could appropriately weigh 130 lbs. or 117 lbs. at the lower end if she is petite or 143 lbs. if she is muscular. (1.7 m; 59 kg, 53-65 kg)

Men:   106 pounds (48 kg) for the first 5 feet (1.52 m) of height;6 pounds (2.7 kg) per inch (2.5 cm) thereafter

Example: A man who is 5’10” could appropriately weigh 166 lbs. or 150 lbs. at the lower end if he is petite or 182 lbs. if he is muscular. (1.8 m; 75.5 kg, 68-83 kg)




If you are striving to weigh significantly less than the weight estimated by these general guidelines, think again. Remember: in addition to skill, soccer is a game of strength, endurance and power. In addition  to the genetic design for your  body,  if you  are a serious  player,  your  soccer training,  as well as the conditioning  (including  weights) is meant  to increase performance  and prevent injury. It is also likely to create a muscular body. The best weight goal is the weight that makes you feel strong and powerful. That’s the “body beautiful,” and the body for performance and health!

If you are wasting your time and energy complaining or worrying about your body, take a deep breath and relax. Life is a gift, too short to be spent obsessing about food and weight. Be appreciative of all your body can do for you—such as play “the beautiful game”—and stop criticizing your body for what it is not.

You can be fit, healthy, and happy at any size.weight loss plans for men You can also be miserable at your “perfect weight” if the cost of attaining that weight is yo-yo dieting, poor nutrition, lack of energy to exercise, guilt for eating, and a sense of failure that crushes your self-esteem. Then, no weight will be good enough to create happiness. So, eat well, play well, and be well.

A Note to Parents

Many young players succumb to the stereotypical female quest for a thin body; they constantly talk about dieting. Others are quieter about weight concerns, but you can easily notice they aren’t eating enough. Active involvement in soccer helps many dieters realize the best players are almost never involved with unreasonable dieting—it’s contrary to their goals. These serious players are too busy fueling appropriately to get better at their game.

With time comes acceptance; the maturing players replace the drive to be thin-at- any price with appreciation of the body as being their vehicle to success. One beauty of being involved in soccer (and any sports) is that the athletes learn to appreciate all the wonderful things their bodies do for them. Women’s Professional Soccer is a great vehicle to emphasize this appreciation!

Food is fuel. You need to fuel your muscles appropriately even if you are trying to lose weight. Be realistic about your expectations and remember being “thin for thing’s sake” does not equate to good soccer performance.weight loss plans for teens Also, keep in mind the following keys to successful weight control:

1.  Cut back only 100 to 300 calories a day; don't starve you.

2.  Fuel during the day, and then eat a little less at night. If you wake up ready for breakfast,  you  have  likely  lost  body  fat  overnight,  while  you  were sleeping.

3. Include a little bit of (healthful) dietary fat at each meal to keep you from feeling hungry and also from feeling denied tasty foods.

4.  Strive to maintain weight if you get injured or during the off-season; that’s easier than losing weight during the season.

5.  Honor your genetics and be realistic with your weight loss plans goals.

6.  Win with good nutrition!


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