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Manchester United won the Community Shield

Overall rating of the transfer window: 1/10

Who knows Guillermo Varela, Uruguay U20 international, from Penarol? The swaggering who suffer from insomnia and squatting the South American championship.

For ordinary people, the right side is a nobody. Yet this is the only rookie Manchester United (Wilfried Zaha, Pearl Crystal Palace was robbed in January). This means if the followers of MU freak severe heart in this summer window anything. Since the beginning of the transfer window, the blases circulated in the column "arrivals", not necessarily the most disgusting circuit: Thiago Alcantara, Cesc Fàbregas, Marouane Fellaini, Leighton Baines, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ilkay Gundogan, Gareth Bale ... For any arrival for the moment. Currently, the hottest track called Fellaini, David Moyes knows very well. The Belgian, a sort of box-to-box breaker line, Yaya Toure (much) less strong, would be a wise addition as the United midfielder sorely lacking player of this ilk (Carrick, Anderson, Cleverley, Jones and Fletcher all play in a more defensive register).

In short, for the moment, Mu is the single biggest of Europe failing to run his checkbook, knowing that the departure of Wayne Rooney seems inevitable. For six months, the number 10 wants to leave. The tactics Moyes (4-2-3-1) and the abundance of offensive goods (Van Persie, Kagawa, Welbeck, Hernandez, etc..) Argue for a departure from Shrek. Except that no major recruit, United would greatly weaken the impression. And in this environment of sharks, it is anything but a good sign ...





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