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Lionel Messi replaced in the 80th minute of the match against Real Sociedad

On 7 May 2008, FC Barcelona "End of an Era" Rijkaard took four pawns against a Real Madrid totally superior, especially in terms of possession. Since then, Barca had never left the ball to the opponent.

This series of 316 games was interrupted on September 21 against Rayo Vallecano. The Blaugrana, although large winners, have had the ball 49% of the time. A statistic that immediately ignited the world of Spanish football. Many in the press and elsewhere, are those who have fallen on him with their fists, making it the trial will break the sacred tika-taka. Even Carlo Ancelotti seemed surprised. "It is surprising to see the mark on against Barca attack," admitted the Italian left eyebrow raised, at a press conference. In order to help, Sandro Rosell was even talk of "crisis" before Tuesday's game against Real Sociedad. A little shaken by these debates, Tata gave everyone in his place against the Basques in San Sebastian: a victory 4 to 1, 70% of possession, 762 assists, 23 shots on goal. A recital. But if the former Newell's Old Boys returned to cap football, he has also released Messi in the 80th, put Pedro on the bench as he stood on a triple and two kids is back on the lawn. This may be a detail for you, but in the very dogmatic Barca, it means a lot ...

The end of slavery

After the match, Argentina could face the Spanish media the head: "If you ask me how I like to win matches, I would say that I wish all games are like this." If the technician prefers "when his team wins by having the ball," it is not so far a slave to any playing style Camper before the penalty area by multiplying the passes and pending fault works often, but not always. Over the months and games, opponents Barca have become accustomed to this style of play and sometimes managed to counter the 7-0 cashed in two games against Bayern Munich is the best example. In the past, when they were in this situation, the Blaugrana had no plan B, no alternative and stubbornly in a toque football then became stereotyped and sterile. Tata seeks what is simply "alternative." "The team must be able to vary his game, and sometimes a change of pace attack vertically. It is not always justified to make as many passes to get to the goal, "he notes. Finally, Tata is perhaps the end of tyrannical monotheism of tiki-taka and the advent of a polytheistic more pragmatic and effective Barça.


Finally a successor to Guardiola?

No doubt he must have a certain charisma and a willingness to make these changes, convince the players, officials and supporters. Former Paraguay coach lacks neither one nor the other. Unlike his two predecessors who actually had only 12 or 13 players for fear of offending the sensitivity of sacred monsters cloakroom, Martino has established this season a large turnover. No player is guaranteed to play all the games, none is clearly excluded. The former Tenerife defender of reason more in terms of group term that team. To prove in a single statistic: the first six games of the season in La Liga, the 22 goals scored by Barca were by 11 different players. Another example, in the middle, Xavi and Iniesta are clearly in competition with Fabregas and Song. The two symbols of the philosophy of Barça will play probably not 60 games this season and it is a blessing in disguise. If Messi is necessarily undisputed holder, his coach does not hesitate to go out late in the game, even if it displease him. Again, these minutes will probably be fresh gleaned valuable late in the season. In addition to all this work, dad Tata is poised to successfully integrate Neymar. Quietly, without making waves, the Brazilian plays, takes its brands and is based in a collective yet very demanding. In short, Barcelona seems to have a new coach and a leader of men on the bench. A leader of the caliber of Guardiola, able to bring a vision to defend his choice and even sail against the current when necessary. With Tata, Barca can find a second life.




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