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who invented soccer

Football is a sport that has undergone changes and the genealogy to very large subdivisions that, before becoming the football that we know today, this very popular sport has experienced several twists throughout its history and who invented soccer.

The origins of football go back to ancient times, in the course of which ball games have been practiced then than 200 years before Jesus Christ, the Chinese are developing a military exercise that requires addressing and looks like by far the beginnings of football.

Has the origin, in many countries,history of soccer particularly in Gaul was practically a sport very violent who respected very few rules, there was a ball in play, but there was no limit on the number of players, the type of shots, play time, etc.. .

Football has even been prohibited and punished by a week in prison, by the first Queen of England in the 12th century.

We had to wait until the 19th century that the true football is invented and it took place at a meeting the October 26, 1863 and meet eleven schools in London who played football,who invented soccer which has helped establish the rules. It should be noted that the football is played with eleven players because originally it was modeled on the composition of the dormitories of pupils (10 pupils and a supervisor).

The first official competition of the modern football is the FA Cup 1871.

The evolution of football and its rules

In the early 1870s, a team is in very large part composed of attackers. For evidence, 1872, England faced Scotland in aligning a rear, middle and eight fronts while his opponent puts two players in defense, two in the middle and six in the attack. A game like that is composed mainly of long escaped in the solitaire of front.who invented soccer The attacker keeps the bale to the maximum and is trying to get rid of the arrears in the dribbling to then try to mark. But little by little, the game will become more collective under the influence of workers Scottish footballers. It is as well as toward 1876, the passing game supersedes the dribbling, a sports TV program on the game. The passing game of Scotland is a marvel of efficiency in 1878 when his team inflicted a crushing 7 goals to 2 to that of England. 

The evolution of the football is involved not only in the way to play, but also in its rules: a large part of them are going to change. 1873, the corner kick or corner between in force.invention of soccer A year later, the shin guards appear on the initiative of Sam Weller Widdowson, player of Nottingham Forest. In 1875, the dimensions of the goal are more definitively determined.who invented soccer Since 1863, the gap between the two poles is about 7.32 meters. 1875, A cross bar, installed at 2.44 m, replaces a ribbon placed at 5.50 m. The arbitrator, who has authority over a portion of the 1877, is equipped with a whistle to report any misconduct 1878. But it must remain off the field. It is only from 1891 that it can penetrate on the lawn and that his two assistants are placed each along a line of key. 

In 1883, the entry of key must be done with two hands. Previously, he was allowed to do so by a member upper or lower. The penalty shots are emerging in 1891.the story of soccer The same year, the goals must have nets, but this decision will be codified as 1938. 1893, the players receive the set point to be clothed at least of the shoulders to the knees of the colors of their respective teams. At the end of the century, the dimensions of the field are limited between 91.4 and 119 m long and 45.7 to 91.4 m wide with a surface area of rectangular repair of 16.5 m; the duration of the party is officially set at four-twenty-ten minutes as well as the number of footballers by a team: eleven including a goalkeeper.who invented soccer If the latter is the only one allowed to take the ball to the hand since 1870, it may not take that in his half of ground since 1896 and then only in its repair surface since 1912.who invented soccer Finally, the offside rule has largely changed in 1925: a player must have at least two of his opponents more near the goal line that him not to be reported off-game. 1938, the evolution of the football is materialized by the modification of the ten-seven laws of the game.


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