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In the same way that the street football  memberships structural of boys to such tool  "micro-neighborhood " and footballgames, the institutional practice of this sport represents a central support in the process of affiliation of the children of backpack to their neighborhood.

The participation in competitions which they opposed to other neighborhoods of the city feeds home the feeling of an identity voicemail. The practice of mass in football club among the groups of male peers no doubt explains that boys have for their neighborhood a sense of belonging far more powerful and structure than their female counterparts.footballgames The slogans that the children sing on the occasion of the games, to give courage or celebrate their victory, put in scene these affiliations to the local territory - "Backpack, champion! The rest, it is of the cans! " -.

In addition to these phenomena of identification specialists, the practice of football is to the origin among the boys of a particular knowledge of urban spaces and the public transport network. In effect, the competitions are the opportunity to travel many within the city, predominantly carried out in public transport. Growing up, some of the boys are taking the initiative to travel in such or such stage of the city discovered on the occasion of a match in "outside", relieving as well by their skills of urban actors the shortage of spaces dedicated to the practice of sport in which they are located facing the inside of their neighborhood.footballgames In the same way, the practice of street football is accompanied by the mastery of a known urban micro-local because of circulatory practices that she misled on the part of children. In an area offering few places favorable to the practice of football, access to the "field" is highly competitive. In fact, the groups of peer’s adolescents frequently require the children to give them the public spaces of the district most adapted to the practice of football. Subject to these predatory practices, the boys are in the obligation to find spaces of alternative game to continue the current party.

The boys encountered" practice "therefore the city so much more extensive than their female counterparts, redoubling and by and for the football a gap already strongly marked at the neighborhood level in the mastery of public spaces between girls and boys. In addition, although it is device compared to that of adolescents, the practice of football with the boys the inscribed in the center of the public spaces of the neighborhood. Practicing the street football, that is making the experience of a certain way of being in the street, where they are exposed to the gaze of others (peers pending the won, adolescents).footballgames  This way to exist in public corresponds to the scale of the neighborhood in a way to be typically masculine, the attendance of public spaces being among girls of the same age a lot more discreet and device. 20 "Play Ball" was thus accompanied to the boys of the acquisition of skills "annexes" (know-how urban, know-be in public) who redouble their distinctions of sex in force in the community children in the neighborhood. The practice of football, by its frequency, constitutes one of the main factors for updating the report to spaces fundamentally kind developed by children debelsunce.

In last place, the practice of football is, from the point of view of the boys, the opportunity to confront the hierarchy at work between different figures of masculinity. Robert W. Connell, who has studied the construction of the male identity among the social actors, has marked the injunction to which are subjected the boys to distinguish themselves from the girls and to behave as "real" men. The idea advocated by the researcher is that there is, in the way in which boys are experimenting with the world, the exteriorization of a power relationship between a hegemonic masculinity,footballgames which corresponds with what is considered as the way to be a "real boy" in a given environment, and other forms of masculinities which him are then subordinate and are socially marginalized by report to it. 

Through the confrontation with groups of peer’s adolescents in the practice of street football as in their relations with their coaches, boys enroll in reports of force that they suffer essentially and by which they are experimenting with a hierarchy between big and small, strong and weak. We often see the coaches, young people for the most part; go to a great complicity with the children to the establishment of relationships of domination, of a protective attitude to the exercise of forms of violence. In the margin of the drives, they frequently play with the children, initiating challenges in which the boys must show their physical power (ex: contest of pumps), but also of the scuffles entertainment in which they play the "big bad wolves".footballgames  The trout and the administering of shots are an integral part of these games. It sometimes happens that the interactions escalate, some children receiving beatings and ending in tears. In addition to the fact that the boys learn in these occasions to cashing of strokes, which constitutes a central responsibility of the male identity in popular circles, we see here how the boys are the experience of a certain verticality of social reports inter-male.

It has also been observed that they reflected this social order within their age class, during the organization of the games of street football, or operates a prioritization implicit between the posts: be attacker, that is to say, it must be the one which marks the goals, is a role highly valued which corresponds to the figure the more masculine of the team while a contrary, the posts of the defender and guardian will appear as secondary roles. It is remarkable to this title that the girls, when they ask to play with the boys at the recreations, systematically propose these posts. In the reports of force that will structure the groups of male peers, the fact to impose on a par with the post of advocate or guardian constitutes a way to exercise a form of domination.footballgames Because of this, the constitution of the teams is frequently the subject of the tensions between peers.


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