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General physical preparation

What is it for?

General physical preparation (GPP) can and should take a leading role in achieving performance: improving the quality of his "body" and practicing including a comprehensive muscle building, footballer bring many benefits:


- Injury Prevention by acquiring a more tolerant of physical stresses and strains.
- Better resistance to fatigue. The rider is stronger at the end of training or competition. It crashed less on his feet and enjoy more of the distribution of forces in the effort.
- Gain muscle power.

How to practice?

This first paper on PPG is dedicated to a few simple exercises, both in the realization that in the establishment since they require almost no equipment.

Despite this, it is important to be very careful to control posture not to get hurt. It should also be progressive in the development of this type of work in training. Start with few repetitions and gradually increase the workload. Regularity bring the greatest benefits. Two or three sessions of twenty minutes each week is a good starting point.


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