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soccer workouts

There are many ways to analyze the game in football. There are pre-established that can be purchased or workouts The list of controls may be created. All kinds of forms can be created and used.

But before that, the observer should have a reference framework to ensure that the various elements are occupied while the game is observed. In other words,soccer workouts we begin by ensuring that the observer knows what observe during the game. 

Here are the tracks on what the observer should make us pay attention to the game and complete workout training for professionals soccer. 

1 Attitude: In what terms can we translate this concept for the players? 

- Competitiveness
- Concentration, particularly when the ball is won or lost 
- Desire to play 
- Confidence
- Impeccable Mentality soccer workouts
- Labor Force
- High level Commitments
- Imagination

2. Physical Form soccer conditioning workouts
the players must demonstrate the qualities of speed, mobility, strength and endurance which are the qualifications required in their particular role in the game. 

3. Past
The player is it technically skillful?
What is the quality of its past in term of: 
Accuracy? Weight? Synchronization? Disguise? Angle?

Is it the right choice of past: 
Long or short? Penetration or conservation?soccer workouts An attack along the line of key or change of game to another part of the field? Past in the feet or in the space? 

4. Observe the movements of players without a ball and their race in penetration soccer weightlifting workouts: 
Is it that the players are effective to eliminate their opponent to lose a man? (And get free) 
Is it that the distances between the players are appropriate soccer workouts gym?
The players do they know when to play before the ball and when to play behind it?
Does this that players identify the signals obvious tactics and run successfully the tactical behavior appropriate soccer workouts?
Is there clear communication among the players?
The support races are they triggered correctly? 

5. The decision making
the players have the heat lifted?
Each player does he look all the ground? 
They read the situations of the game soccer cardio workouts?
They make the application solutions quickly soccer workouts? 

6. Finishing
is there a positive attitude and determined to finish? 
The players do they accept the responsibility of mark?
Their lack of finishing it is due to a bad technique, the lack of vision, to the low synchronization of the race, to the fear of physical challenge, to the ambition unrealistic or the lack of speed (of action or think)? 

7 Defend individually
each player does he think defensive immediately when the ball is lost?
When they are defending, players try: 
To be the first to the ball?
Avoid a clumsy challenge? 
Stay on its feet? 
Show calm and discipline?
Force the opponent to use offset toward the touch line or the take in the axis of the field? 
Keep the game before him?
Prevents the opponent to perform a rotation?
Provide appropriate coverage if it is not the man closest to the ball? 

8. Individual Qualities bale at the foot: 
If the first control the player has it opened immediately to new opportunities offensive? 
The player is comfortable with the ball soccer workouts?
The player shows are there a perfect control of its conduct in current with the ball? 

9. Game of group:
Is it that the team realizes the offensive penetration through: 
Variations of 1-2?
Changes in game?
Overflows soccer workouts?
The team creates it on the width,soccer conditioning depth and mobility? 
The team manages it from the inside, thanks to the leadership of some players?
The main players did they take their responsibilities in the flow of the game? 

It is a long state of places. No coach is supposed to learn by heart the entire workouts It is a holistic perspective to attract the attention to factors of databases put into play during a football match. Involve the common reference. Not as a check list. 


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