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Soccer coaching

Development of proper technique is the No.  1 requirement for soccer coaching when training youth players. Our young players must develop a high comfort level with the ball, even when faced with pressure.

Activities should be organized to allow for the maximum number of touches on the ball for each player. Emphasis should be placed on economic activities that allow for quality repetitions during the coaching During the activities the coach can sprinkle small amounts of tactical decision-making related to the use of the technique (skill) the players are performing. The following session will emphasize the following tactical decisions:

• Move immediately after your pass

• Make a quick decision whether to dribble or to pass

• Read cues from receiver

• Read cues from sender

• What to do and where to move in small game situations



Exercise 1

Organize players in pairs, each pair with a ball. Player A (without the ball) runs away from the ball, then back to it with a checking run. When Player A turns (checks) back to the ball, Player B plays the ball back to A‘s feet. Player A uses one-touch to return the ball and Player B immediately runs to collect the ball. Repeat the sequence several times and then switch the roles.

coaching football points:

• Quality inside of the foot passes with pace, play to feet

• Player A moves away from the direction of the pass, then explodes back

• Play A relaxes and returns the ball with different surfaces (instep, outside of foot, alternate feet)

• Player B moves to the ball immediately after the pass – a quick decision is made

Exercise 2

Player A performs a checking run as in the earlier exercise.  Player B passes ball to Player A,soccer jobs who then must read the run of Player B and react in one of two ways:

Option 1:

If Player B follows the pass and runs toward Player A, Player A‘s response is to two-touch the ball and play it back to Player B. Player B collects  the ball and repeats the exercise .

Option 2:

If Player B runs away from the direction of pass,coaching soccer jobs Player   a collects the ball and dribbles while Player   B moves   away.   Player   B then checks back to Player A and the roles will be switched.

Coaching Points:

• Both players must execute a quality pass and reception of ball

• Player A must read the run of Player B and perform the correct technical skill

• Player B must make a quick decision to follow pass or move away

Option 3: 2 v. 2 Games

The players are now placed in a two-goal 2 v. 2 games. When a team has the ball, one of the other team‘s members must retreat to goal, creating a 2 v. 1 situation for the attacking team.

The attacking players must now read each other‘s actions. If a player cannot turn, the second player must make a quick run to support the ball and the ball must be played to that support. The original  receiver must now  seek to  buy  space  (check away)  so that  after  a  few touches  the  two  again can attempt to combine to beat the single defender.

Option 4: 2 v. 2 Games

Here the forward player can turn, and the supporting player makes a quick run to get in advance of the ball for a pass.

Coaching Points:

• If the player cannot turn, support for the ball must take place at the correct angle and distance

• If the player can turn and go to goal there is no immediate need to support the play from behind, so the support player should make a quick, attacking run in advance of the ball

• Allow the forward players to vary what they do so the support players must read the situation each time and make the correct decision on where and how to move.

Exercise 3

2 v. 2 v. 2: Option 1.

Organize the group into three teams of two playing to three goals. Make sure there is a good supply of balls behind each goal in order to keep the game moving. The aim is to try to protect your goal while on defense.coaching jobs When on offense try to dribble over either of the other two goal lines for a point. After a score the team who is scored against attacks (Diagram 4).

Coaching Points:

• Organize young players to take chances and dribbling for points

• Players in possession of the ball must read the actions of the teammate.  If they follow the pass, then play it coach If they move away, then dribble yourself

• Quick decisions must be made, either pass or dribble

• If the dribbling option is taken, the player must dribble at speed for goal

2 v. 2 v. 2: Option 2.

Same organization as Option drills  This time one point is given for a pass through the other two goals and two points for a dribble through.

soccer coaching Points:

• Encourage players to take chances to score and go forward to goal and give him soccer coaching drills.

• During the game encourage players to look for cues from earlier exercises, encouraging quick decisions

• Players must read each other.


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