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Soccer dribbling drills

Dribbling: A vital technique for young players to develop, a crucial component of any team’s attack, and a technique that is worthy of a specific training session.

Most coaches would agree that that inclusive statement accurately describes the technique of soccer dribbling drills.  How to transfer technique into skill is the crucial coaching question.

With an effective training   session, a coach can make a difference with the individual players as well as the team. Through training, players can improve their individual skills   and improve their   tactical   decision- making   skills.  As these physical and mental skills develop, the team will evolve into a more dangerous and intelligent attacking force.

This article will offer a logical progression of a training session devoted to dribbling drills for kids  Ideas offered by  members of the  NSCA A  National Coaching  Staff are incorporated  in the article, and the training session follows the progression that  is  emphasized  in  the  NSCA A  Coaching Academies. The training session focuses on the three types of dribbling – possession, speed and attacking – and will evolve from the warm-up to fundamental stage, then to the tactical stage, to match-related conditions and finally to match- condition stage.






Organization: Designate an appropriate area on the field. The size of the space may range from the field’s center circle to the penalty area to a half field. The size depends on the number of players and their skill level.cone drills for soccer dribbling The better the skill, the smaller the space.

In executing the warm-up, the players dribble around the area following the commands of the coach.  The commands may consist of dribbling with various surfaces of the feet, dribbling for tight control, to individual offensive moves, to changing direction with speed. If a coach or team is familiar with particular moves, (i.e. Coerver moves) they can be demonstrated and practiced during this time. It might be a good idea to have players individually demonstrate such maneuvers or individual moves you have noted they excel in. In this way you help in the development of their self-confidence and the honing of their leadership skills.

The intensity   of the work should increase throughout the duration of the warm-up. Even though it is a warm-up, the coach should stress the importance of proper feinting and the explosion after the feint is dribbling drills at home Also the players are working on their vision, as they must keep their heads up to avoid collisions with other players and to find open space.

This warm-up is economical in nature in that it is a mild cardiovascular workout while the player is becoming acclimated to the major emphasis of the training session.

Fundamental/tactical training

The training session focuses on shielding, speed dribbling, and attacking with the dribble. With each type of dribbling, the coach can utilize a fundamental stage where there is no pressure and gradually introduce pressure to make the exercise more tactical in nature.

Organization:  Make a 10x10-yard grid with four players to a grid. To begin this part of the session, Player A plays the ball to Player B. B shields the ball (places his/her body between the ball and defender) from Player C for five seconds.   C then receives a ball from Player D who will then shield it from Player B. The defensive pressure should intensify each time, but the defender should not steal the ball. This restriction is imposed in order to give players a chance to be successful in perfecting their shielding skill. The players in the middle will switch after five trials each.

More pressure is added at the next stage. Players should match up for a one-minute game of “keep away” in the grid. There are no goals, because the focus of the drill is possession by shielding. By rotating players through this several times, the coach can increase the intensity of the defender. At first the defender may be restricted from stealing the ball,soccer dribbling drills for one person but the intensity should be increased to the point it is an all-out game of “keep away.” The players on the side have balls that can be put into play so that the players in the middle work the whole minute. When the minute is up, two players from the one side rotate with two players from the other side for their minute’s practice.individual soccer dribbling drills Perhaps of importance are the matchups in the grids.  By carefully selecting which players are opposing each other, the coach can assure that equal 1 v.1 competition is taking place in each work area.

The coach can use this part of the session to cover the major teaching points regarding shielding. These important fundamentals include keeping the body between the ball and the defender,soccer ball handling drills playing the ball with the farthest foot from the defender, keeping the body at a right angle to the defender so that the attackers do not have their back completely to opportunities in front of them, legally using the arm to make space, and moving either laterally or away from the defender.  The object is to keep possession as long as possible, and wait for the defender to make the mistake of overcommitting.  If this occurs,soccer passing drills the player can move to an open space and resume shielding.

Along with the technical training,soccer drills players also will develop a tactical awareness of when to move to open space with the ball.All field players should participate in this training of soccer dribbling drills, for players in every position are placed in the situation of shielding.  Finally, the one-minute grid work is very economical in that it is great fitness training for the players.


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