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Soccer workouts

Passer using throw-in technique and soccer workouts throws ball to a receiver, who controls and dribbles past the tossing player, who rushes forward to apply pressure. Both players continue to the end of the line they are moving toward, with dribbler leaving ball for the next tossed

Dutch warm-up, team exercise (B-I-A levels)

A.  Half the group with the balls, half without. The players with the ball are on the outsideof a circle.  Player with ball tosses to another player for designated   receptions (i.e., chest reception).  Receive five tosses from different players around the circle

B.   Add to A by having the first player to receive five balls from four different players declared the winner

C.  Add to A by having receivers control balls from as many different players as possible in 90 seconds.  Players rotate from being passers to receivers.

soccer conditioning workouts





Three in grids, several balls with each server

A.   Two players   serve   balls   (from hands, from village kick, from surface [advanced players] to checking player.) Services below knees, above knees, to chest areas. Server plays to receiver,workouts for soccer receiver prepares return ball to passer, faces second server and repeats. One minute and rotate role. Review fundamentals, including

• Get in line of flight with ball

• Judge flight of ball to decide which body part to use for control

• Present body part to the ball

• Relax body part at impact if ball is to be collected

• Move ball from the landing area

• Win the ball early, don’t wait for it

B.   Control and play ball out of air to self and then to third player

C.  Sprint to far line of grid and check back to ball at speed and prepare return

D. Add services from various angles and soccer workouts, left and right, use two servers

E.   Add a defender

Three-four in open field, one ball

A.   Receiver checks (P1) to ball, plays back at angle to initial passer (P2). P2 now plays a long (30- to 40-yard) air ball to P3. While ball is in flight, P1 checks away and upon reception and preparation by P3 checks to him/her and the whole process repeats itself. Review fundamentals

• All covered but with emphasis on receptions/ support of longer passes, timing of checking runs

B.   Add defender to checking player

C.  Add fourth player, P4 behind P3. Once pass is made, player follows pass each time. P1 receives, lays ball to P2, takes P2’s place; P2 plays long ball to P3 who supports at angle, runs to middle and receives pass from P3;soccer training lays ball off to P3, who plays long pass to P1 and runs to support, etc.

Four players, defensive pressure

A.   P1 plays ground pass to checking receiver O and under the pressure of defender X,soccer workout the receiver turns ball and plays to P2. X now becomes the receiver, etc.

B.  P1 plays air ball over top of O to X,soccer training workouts who depending on degree of control can play either to P1 or P2, and then O receives the next air ball.

Three in grids, server plays ball in air to receiver who turns and takes on defender to goal. Use cones for goals

A.   Defender moves initially on the first touch by the workouts Play 1 v. 1 and upon completion of play, repeat. One minute and rotate role. Review fundamentals:

• All covered in 6 and 7

• Ability to control ball out of air with change of direction

• Prepare the ball away from the defendersoccer conditioning (spin turn technique can be used here)

B.   Defender moves on flight of ball.


13. 4 v. 2 in 20 x 30 grids

Review fundamentals including:

• Watch support movement to ball such that body position is open to all support players;

• Emphasis on good reception and positioning relative to being open to pass to any of the three supporting players

• Four play for possession with two-touch restriction. Emphasis on splitting two defenders with a through ball

• All points covered in other exercises

• Use of first touch in preparing the ball for next pass

• Use of feints, ball runs to deceive defenders, buying time for easy possession

14.  6 v. 6 to two goals

Unlimited touches. Play 4 v. 2 in each half, including goalkeepers defending each full goal. Field is 60 x 40 yards with no one allowed over the halfway line. Four attacker’s workouts  Two defenders in each half. Defending team marks 2 v.  2 in other half with two others retreating into goal until possession is regained, at which time it can play 4 v. 2 until ball is played to its strikers in other half (2 v. 2 again!). Use restrictions in match (touches, etc., if objectives are not being achieved). Review fundamentals:

• When in possession, be composed

• Use first touch to

1.   Relieve pressure, angle of touch, distance of touch (i.e., can beat defender with a good first touch)

2.  Attack non-pressurizing defender

3.  Set up a pass or shot- distance of touch

4.  Keep possession-distance of touch

• Control made easier by good body position for reception

Match Condition

The session should end with a 6 v. 6 matches from 18-yard line to 18-yard line with a 44-yard wide field. While there has been some designation as to the level of expertise demanded by the fundamental exercises discussed in this practice session, the match-related exercises and the concluding match can be conditioned in various ways by the coach in order to achieve certain objectives, dependent upon the ability level of the players being instructed.

Conditions that can be imposed for good soccer workouts include:

• Number of touches (two or three touches generally; one touch for expert players)

• Long, narrow field for more vertical passing

• Wider field encourages wing play

• Channels on the touch lines of the field encourage crossing/heading play

• Four goals encourage mobility of play by the participants


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