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The soccer  technics


At a technical level, the player has acquired the "reflex action" Initiation (chicks and youngest).


It must now develop and not be surprised by the ball. Save time in the sequence of tasks by improving individual technical skills is the main goal of 12-15 years. We must improve the technical gesture already acquired initiation phase, focusing if possible its timeliness. Research exercises a repetition maximum is omnipresent. A specific job control, passing and sequences to three players and made ​​every week as an animation



Depending on the age and level of players, we can determine the technical work to be done as follows:

  1. The player and the ball.
  2. The player with the ball and the partner.
  3. The player with the ball, the partner and the opponent.

Technical quality are developed from a gesture that we seek to achieve well in terms of:

  1. The position of the body.
  2. The supporting leg.
  3. The position of the arm.
  4. Taking information.

For the successful completion of a gesture, the contact surfaces are decomposed using:

  1. Head.
  2. Breast, thigh,
  3. The position of the arms,

How to teach the technique:

The technique is the art of using the ball, the service team. The teacher prepares its meeting (content, hardware and implementation). Once taken into the hands of his group, he must still rely on qutre actions:

  1. explain
  2. demonstrate
  3. correct,
  4. Animate.


The soccer technics2

All exercises and games offered require active participation of the teacher. The player must be able to regularly repeat the action requested (avoid exercises in columns). The choice of simple exercises facilitate understanding (2-3 per session is sufficient) from procedures performed only in the associants played in forms or a combination of both methods. The key for the educator is to set goals for the player. The teacher should encourage and promote young people, especially in case of failure.

It is based on a simple and logical:

  1. Work without rhythm and without opposition,
  2. Working with pace and without opposition,
  3. Working with pace and reasoned opposition
  4. Working with pace and with real opposition.





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