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soccer training drills

The beauty of the game and soccer training drills its most difficult task are embodied in finishing. The ability to score goals can make a player a hero overnight.

But as coaches can we create a goal-scorer through training? A true goal scorer has great instinct. The “nose for the goal” is inbred and cannot be taught, but coaches can work on goal- scoring technique.good soccer workouts This can improve a player’s chances to score when the situation arises. But remember, we cannot make a diamond from a rock. These exercises can only help polish the diamond!

Consistent striking of the ball

Warm-up 1: (Note: All warm-up exercises are done without the goalkeeper)

Players work in pairs, with one partner serving the ball with the hands to the other. After 10 to 15 strikes, the partners change roles. The types of returns:

• Instep volley

• Side volley

• Thigh trap and volley – receive the ball on one thigh and volley with the opposite foot

• Chest trap to volley

• Heading

Coaching points:

• Strike the ball cleanly

• There should be forward rotation on the ball

• Power is generated with the “snap” of the knee




Warm-up 2:

In Diagram 1 you see that the coach stands on the end line and serves diagonally across the 18 yard box to training drills for kids After the shot the player returns to the back of the line. Use both feet and attack from both sides.  The progression would be:

• Jog to the ball and shoot with the inside of the foot

• Jog to the ball and volley the ball

• Jog to the ball and half volley into goal

Coaching points:

• Strike the ball cleanly

• Hit the lower third of the net

• Count clean hits from 10 serves

Warm-up 3:

The coach serves the ball to players on the top of the 18 yard box.indoor soccer training drills The players face the goal. The coach varies serves (i.e. on the ground, bouncing ball, in the air etc.).

Coaching points:

• React to the ball quickly

• Shoot first time

• Strike the ball cleanly

• Hit the lower third of the net

Repetition training

Remember, training the finishers on the team is a practice for forwards, NOT goalkeepers. These exercises are set up to maximize the effectiveness for forwards.

Dribble and shoot:

Use two goalkeepers and three to six shooters. The keepers switch every few drills for individual training Set up cones 16 yards from the goal one yard inside both posts. The shooters will dribble at the cone, perform a feint, beat the cone to the outside and shoot on goal. The shooter retrieves the ball and goes to the end of the shooting line. After taking 10 to 15 shots, the shooters go to the other side of the box.  A good variation will have the players beating the cone to the inside.

Coaching points:

• The players must TAKE A LOOK at the goal

• When the player beats the cone they must look at the near post. If the near post is open, shoot there. If the near post is covered, shoot to the far post – it is open!

The square shot:

The coach sets up a square with cones in the 18 yard box. The size of the square and the placement in the 18 yard box are at the discretion of the coach.  Two teammates serve the ball, alternating   from each side. soccer sprint training drills The shooter has a maximum of two touches to finish. The shooter should take ONE LOOK at the near post (from where the serve came). If the post is open, shoot it there; if not, automatically shoot to far post (Diagram 4).

Three quick ones

As seen in Diagram 5, the coach serves a ball to the shooter who has checked to the coach from the penalty spot. The shooter turns and shoots.

The coach immediately serves another ball for the shooter,

goalie training drills soccer

who plays it first time or turns and shoots. A third ball follows.  After three shots another shooter goes into the box.  The resting players collect the balls. The coach varies the serves (i.e. bouncing ball, on the ground and in the air).

5 v. 3 games

Using one third or one half of the field play five attackers against three defenders. The coach serves the soccer training drills The serves are varied (i.e. to the forward, to the wide player, to the back player etc.). After two or three minutes the players change roles.

Coaching points:

• Watch how often players are shooting from positions practiced earlier

• Clean strikes on the ball

• ONE LOOK only

• React quickly to the ball


The above exercises try to improve the player’s confidence in and ability to strike the ball cleanly, at first with no pressure and later with self-imposed pressure and then game pressure.

Simplify the forward’s task. Take ONE LOOK, preferably to the near training drills individual There is no need for a second look and soccer training drills. Get the shot off. The shot is best placed to the right or left of the keeper. A shot at the post usually misses.


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