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Adil Rami

This was expected. It is now officially recorded . Adil Rami goes to join AC Milan during the next winter transfer window .

Valencia has formalized the loan of the French international to the Italian club. The latter will receive an option to purchase , estimated at between 6 and 8 million euros according to sources.

Except surprise, we should also see again the former Lille in club colors Che by his departure. Undesirable after his public criticism of his leadership and his coach, he was dismissed for nearly a month. What a mess story until almost perfect , with the first two seasons in the skin of a holder .

In Milan until January ?

It will not take long to find a way out . After refusing to Naples this summer , Rami will evolve well in Italy. It is also in Milan since the beginning of the week, where he spent the first medical visit his signature before training with his future teammates .

This should also be the day by January 1: training with the Rossoneri , as seems unlikely to see him return to Valencia now . Assisted by Philippe Mexes, his former sidekick in the France team , Rami will have the time to know his future team ...


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