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Welcome to - Soccer Bible!

The main theme is focused on soccer and its advice:

  • Workouts for the sports
  • workouts for young sportsmen
  • Injuries
  • Tips and exercises workout
  • general advice on soccer.


Since I am even an athlete and coach authorized in athletics, I have since learned my entire childhood to live with and for the sport. Fort of an experience in sports such as judo, swimming, football, basketball and athletics, I have learned, through experienced coach of techniques and training exercises specific to each age group and for each discipline. The main purpose of this site is to share with you my tips and my advice. The sport is a field could not be more vast, it is going to be that everyone (as sports coaches) has its small idea on each exercise and council, do not hesitate to contact me to write an article (in your name) or to give your ideas.

I do not claim to be expert in the areas addressed in the various sections of the site These articles are just compilations, summaries or information that I have had the opportunity to discover in books, in my research on the web or by my own experience as an athlete.
I am therefore not liable toward the one or the other person for any errors presented on the web site, or for any damage, accidents direct or indirect caused by its information.



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