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The polymer is a drive method which has been used in many sports to develop the power explosive power to a great extent.funny soccer videos The power is an important component of the athletic performance in many sports, not just in football.

Coaches and players have begun to recognize the potential benefits that the polymer may bring to the performance. In order that this possibility should be carried out, the polymer must be integrated into the comprehensive training program with success, and in the development of each player individually.funny soccer videos This requires understanding the basic principles of the polymer and how such principles should be applied to the development of football players.

The production of the maximum force developed through programs of traditional drive to the force during the tests, takes 0.5 to 0.7 seconds to be detected. However, in football, the movements of Lille/galvanometer that players are running are not as long. Therefore, the accent is in the production of the highest strength possible in the shortest period of time.funny soccer videos This constitutes the fundamental objective of the drive by polymer.


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The drive to the polymer increases the stimulation and the changes in the neuromuscular system to allow changes more powerful steering. We can now begin to see potentially the benefits that such training may have for the players of football for which change direction and speed continuously is the basis of the displacement.

Distribute the capacities of the players

The responsibility of when introducing a program of polymer is considerable because of the intense nature of the drive. As a coach, you should be sure that the drive is pleasantly organized and very important, progressive.funny soccer videos This will ensure that the optimum gains, in terms of improving the performance of the player, will occur.

Prior to embarking on a program of training parametric it must ensure that a player has the proper foundations. This implies an appropriate level of force, a good basic technology, a progressive estimate to select appropriate exercises and an understanding of how to exercise without risk in order to avoid risk of personal injury.


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The development of the technique is a key area of development of children and the players of 12-14 years can use low impact and to moderate intensity the drive to the polymer as preparation for their future training. This underlines the importance of main incorporate planned progressions for young players who are going to receive a large number of other benefits: mechanical,funny soccer videos coordination, etc. before their maturity. In addition, the drive to the explosive force does not seem to show significant responses for adolescents up to after the beginning of puberty, however, developing a good technique and a platform of coordination, it is updated that may emerge from the power players.

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The type of physical capacities of several players such as flexibility, attitude, balance, stability, past injury and force (eccentric) should be distributed primarily and everywhere in the training program parametric, what follows is a summary of a few of these areas of work and the means with which you can distribute.

Stabilization and force

It is suggested that the best way to start, if a player is strong enough to cope with the polymer is to test its stabilization and its eccentric force. When we incorporated the polymer in a training program, the main concern with regard to prevent the injury is sufficient strength in the muscle stabilizers.funny soccer videos Simple tests can be put in place to determine the level of the stabilization force (Table 1).  A player who is unable to perform these exercises in a satisfactory manner should follow a program of balance and stabilization exercised by a physiotherapist.funny soccer videos Such a program will improve the player taking into account the strength of the stabilization to execute the polymer effectively and without risk.



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