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soccer nets

A soccer field incorrectly located may constitute a nuisance to the riparian owners in the park, or even for the users of the park (playground for children, swimming pool, etc.).Soccer nets  In these cases, it is necessary to provide the margins of clearance in order to minimize the pressures on the other activities 

Fixed Installations and mobile

Goals and anchor


The internal dimensions of the goals must be about 7.32 m wide by 2.44 m height for soccer 11 and 5.50 m by 1.80 m for soccer in 7. The width and the thickness of the amounts of the goals and of the transverse bar must not be greater than 12 cm (they must have the same width).  The amounts of the goals must be white in color. The goals must not contain any element that may snag or cut. It is advisable to use the goals in galvanized steel which is very resistant to rust. The goals of soccer must be fixed at any time and this, even outside of the frameworks of a party. However,Soccer nets for the lands in synthetic turf, one can use the goals with a system of counterweights. When the mini-soccer field is housed on a soccer field, it is preferable to do, not anchor the goals on a permanent basis. These could become a dangerous obstacle during the parties on the soccer field official. However, the goals must have a sufficient stability in order not to endanger the users. 

The goals of soccer can be classified into six categories:

A) Permanent Goals: The vertical posts anchor in the concrete;

(B) Gel's semi-permanent: the vertical uprights are retained in the ground by a system of bushings pressed into the ground;

C) Goals semi-portable: The amounts before these goals are permanent, but we can unhook the amounts back to the store;

D) Portable Goals: Usually aluminum, they are light and easy to carry;

E) Goals demountable portable: They are very light and can be dismantled for transport. 


The anchorages must allow setting the goals permanently or for a specified period even if there are constraints for the overthrow.

A) Type Anchor barrel

This anchoring allows you to set a goal at all times when it is taken in the concrete base.Soccer nets The purpose may be removable with an anchor fitted with a rod or a pipe that is inserted in a sleeve of a concrete base (ex.: figure 13).  The opening of the sleeve must be plugged when the purpose is removed to prevent the filling of the cavity by debris.

B) Hooks

When you want to use a removable purpose, we can install the hooks at the bottom of the aim in order to prevent the latter from tipping forward. These hooks are pushed into the ground to a depth which can vary from 200 mm to 400 mm 

The conditions of the soil during the installation of the anchors of aim and the specific requirements of the owner of the facilities of game can contribute to design of variants of the three different types of anchor described.

soccer Nets

A) Type of nets

A net of soccer must be made of nylon, twines bent or any equipment of the same kind. The nets in steel (kind closure) are to be avoided since they are very dangerous. The net bottom of the range is made of nylon thin enough whose nodes are small. The sustainability is limited and often after one or two seasons of use,Soccer nets the net will be drilled in a few places. The high-quality net is distinguished from the solid material and thick with large nodes more worked than the net bottom of the range.

B) Attached to the net

The nets can be installed permanently for the season or be removable. There are two systems of clips to make a removable mesh. The first is to install small circular rings on the rear face of the three amounts of front-end goals and to install metal fasteners of the kind that is found on the loops of hand bag in the links extremes of nets. The second is to use rolls of Velcro specially designed for the nets. It is enough to carve out of the pieces of Velcro on the same roll and attach along the purpose in surrounding the poles so spaced with the pieces of Velcro.

Poles of corner

A soccer field must be delimited by if the flags of corner and from a height of 1.50 m including four are placed at the four corners of the field and two others are placed on each side of the field in front of the median line to a meter from the touch line.Soccer nets These flags must meet two conditions of security:

1) The summit of the rod must not be sharp;

2) They must be flexible enough to decrease the risk of injury in the event of a collision, but not too much to avoid that a player receives the return of the pole. For the poles of the corner,Soccer nets one can use the doors of slalom (rapid-gates).


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