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soccer practice plans

The socio-anthropology of childhood, which is given to object the experience of children as social actors,soccer practice plans was now concerned to a subject long fallow land: the recreation of children, who today constitute a central element of their use of time and constitute one of their key executives of socialization.

Thus we now know that football is in France the favorite sport of 6-14 years and that among the lovers of football, we found a majority of boys and children of practice plans Beyond these statistical data, some ethnographic studies evoke the importance of football in the sociability of juvenile popular neighborhoods.

For all that, the way in which the children are investing precisely this practice just as its role in their regular socialization remains very little documented. To the extent that the football is at the center of their leisure and organized an important part of the life of the boys, it seems essential to analyze what is played,soccer training drills from their point of view,soccer practice plans in the practice of this activity. The quantitative data available with regard to this practice inferred a number of issues in terms of construction of social identities and the kind which call for new

The boys from working-class backgrounds are practicing more football than their counterparts in the middle and upper classes, but what can we say about their practice in a qualitative perspective? To what extent their way of practicing and to invest in soccer is articulate- it to their vision of the world and does it reflect their style of life? These questions open of course the track to a comparative work that it would be highly relevant to conduct, but for which the study,u7 soccer practice plans which it is here rendered account does not have sufficient data. The objective of this communication is therefore to shed light on this that practicing football means from the point of view of children of
Popular circles.

It is known that the leisure time is strongly divided according to the type3 and that the sport is today a fief of the masculinity". 4 beyond the recent developments that he knows, football, professional and amateur, has clearly a kind. The practice of this sport therefore constitutes in itself an identity practice plans But to what extent is this practice for boys a framework of learning, internalizing, in stage of values and ways of being associated with masculinity?

This communication is made in part account of the results of an ethnographic work conducted between 2005 and 2008 with children, aged 9 to 12 years, sons and daughters of Maghreb migrants, growing in Messenger Bag, a popular area of the city center of Marseille. The investigation,soccer training drills multi-site,soccer practice plans u14 has allowed us to observe the practice of football by the groups of male peers of the neighborhood,soccer practice plans in the heart of recreation, in public spaces as well as to the local football club.

I. Street Football and football club in

The boys in question here have an intensive practice of football, which is declining in different spheres of socialization, essentially the street and the club.

1) Street Football

The boys are growing bag to spend a large part of their leisure time to "play
To the flask ", according to the expression epic in force, that is to say, in the informal practice of football between peers. Messenger Bag is a district of the hyper center Marseillaise, to frame very dense, which has no sports equipment from quality. It is therefore essential in the public spaces of the neighborhood (spaces, sidewalks, streets) that boys engage in this practice plans The Halle Puget, nicknamed "the face" because of the presence on its perimeter of the faculty of economic sciences of Marseille, in this context constitutes the " field" of football the most attractive in the neighborhood,soccer practice plans u8 to the extent that it provides a smooth, flat surface of 30 m2 approximately, clearly delineated by the columns.

The street football, although informal, is a heavily regulated activity. The principle of the
"WON" organized the succession of games. When a party is in progress, the child who wishes to play in the next match announced to the any cast address that he will "take the one ". It is then his team, according to the requests of his peers, of its affinities and its interests for team leaders. It also decides if the goalkeeper will be fixed or "turning" (guardian relayed by another player each time that the team will take a goal). Before the match began, the children of the two teams together fix on how many points will the part (usually 3 or 5). These differing rules facilitate equitable access of children to the "ground" in a context of
Limitation of the space available. HAS these principles of organization of the parties are added the rules of the game to speak of, which are an adaptation to the dimensions of the Halle, the official rules of football (line of six meters, outputs). We also noted that the games opposed of peer groups more or less formed. Some "teams" are fixed and are groupings of children claiming such or such micro-neighborhood (ex: Team of the "FAC", "Saint Theodore ",
" Welt", "Center bus", "municipal Credit").

The boys of the neighborhood fall for most in the practice of football in attending their peers in the public spaces of the neighborhood the days of leave. There is then a
Horizontal Transmission of tastes and techniques, on the occasion of the parties of street football.

2) In Football club

The decision to practice football in club emerged among boys in the framework of this socialization of playful street which has just been mentioned. The institutional practice of football confers a certain social prestige within the community of peers. The members of the club formed in the street a sort of aristocracy micro-local football. They have for the most part, a mastery of the game superior to that of their peers, by virtue of what they enjoy during the parts of street football of a
A certain reputation and are highly coveted and courted during the establishment of the teams. The attendance of the club also supplies the prestige of the boys because it constitutes,soccer practice plans u12 in addition to a place for learning about footballing skills socially profitable in the socialization of the street, a source of acquisition of material goods (sports equipment) in a neighborhood or, because of the economic precariousness that know the families, the physical property is highly practice plans The club is in the end a space of male socialization massively frequent, which it is important to be part to exist at the neighborhood level when one is a boy.

As for the parents, they play a secondary role in the institutionalization of the
Practice. Boys must often insist them to accept of the enroll in a club. The mode of management of family recreation of children, which is given here to see contrasts with that in force in the middle classes or the parents are generally at the initiative of the inclusion of their children in activities extra practice plans The work of Sylvie October has shown that sports activities or cultural enroll for these parents in an educational project5.u7 soccer practice plans It is to theTimes of a strategy of occupation of the free time of children, of a response to the imperative of development of the personality of the child who now based the parental project6 and a learning strategy of ways to be profitable who have difficulties integrating such that the mastery of the body, the taste of the effort, etc....

In the framework of our study, the parents, while adhering to these educational values, take into considerations of managers and of the imperatives material which their font place in the second plan requests for registration of their children to cultural and recreational activities. In support of a large family, often in situations of economic and social precariousness, the parents - in prime
Place the mothers - must undertake on a daily basis a multiplicity of approaches:soccer practice plans u10 enroll at the school,high school soccer practice plans to the canteen and the study three to five children, renew the residence permits of such or such member of the family,soccer practice plans to go to the social services to obtain various aids; as many steps essential to the life of the family and against which the leisure activities of children is not a priority. Consequently, it often happens that the children are on waiting position VI’s- to-via their parents for this which is of their leisure,soccer practice plans u6 the requesting several times before they decide to undertake the procedure. In withdrawal in the approach to registration, the parents of the children encountered are also characterized by their absence at sports competitions, absence often deplored by the coaches, and which makes movement "outside" more difficult.


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